The best moments of Grey's Anatomy

The best moments of Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy is one of the best television series and surely have many better moments, but on this list I have only put the best moments of one of the most awarded television series

TOP 25:
Izzie is fired
Izzie is fired after one of the hospital's patients dies because of one of Mercy West's residents, Charles Percy. Izzie learns that Alex, her husband, was talking with the boss about Izzie, so she decides to leave Meredith's house, the hospital and Seattle, and also ask for a divorce from her husband.

TOP 24:
Reed dies
Reed was so calm picking up things for a patient when he meets Mr. Clark, she is rude to him and becomes the first fatality victim of the shooting, Alex finds her and is also shot.

TOP 23:
The merger of Seattle Grace-Mercy West
After the Hospital has a bad time, Richard decides that Seattle Grace Hospital merges with Mercy West Hospital, which causes more layoffs in the Hospital and the arrival of new medical characters such as April, Jackson, Reed and Charles that will give a lot of war to the doctors of Seattle Grace

TOP 22:
Charles Percy is shot
While Mr. Clark is shooting at the entire hospital, Bailey, Charles and one of the patients are hiding in one of the rooms, when Clark enters the room, the patient becomes dead, Charles is hiding in the sink and Bailey is he hides under the bed, but Clark enters the sink and shoots Charles without compassion. Bailey the patient tries to save him but finally ends up dying

TOP 21:
Cristina and Owen's wedding
After what happened with the shooting, the couple formed by Cristina and Owen decide to get married in the second chapter of the seventh season, and it is not a normal wedding, since Cristina does not see white, nor do they marry in a church, Cristina decides marry a normal dress and decide to marry at Meredith's house

TOP 20:
Burke leaves Cristina
After everything was prepared for Cristina and Burke's wedding, Burke leaves Cristina planted on the altar, in front of Izzie, Meredith and Callie as bridesmaids, decides to leave Seattle, leaving Cristina totally desolate and depressed after a failed wedding attempt

TOP 19:
Alex is shot
Alex finds Reed with a shot next to Clark, which causes him to shoot him. Alex manages to reach the elevator, where he is met with his current girlfriend Lexie Gray and his former boyfriend Mark Sloan. They try to save you in every possible way. There are very emotional moments in that moment, like when Alex confuses Lexie with his ex-wife Izzie

TOP 18:
Addison arrives
Meredith and Derek are preparing to go out to dinner, when a red-haired woman arrives at the Hospital, approaches them and discovers that it is Addison, Derek's wife, who arrives from New York to retrieve Derek. Meredith leaves Derek immediately and Derek decides to stay with Addison, since she does not come to visit, but comes to stay at the Hospital.

TOP 17:
The ferry accident
A trauma in a Ferry accident challenges inmates in many different ways. Problems arise when Geroge must find a lost child, Alex rescue an unknown pregnant woman, Izzie treat a patient inside the ferry and Meredith has a lost girl, but when Meredith tries to help a man, he throws her into the water without want.

TOP 16:
Arizona and Callie's wedding
As the wedding of Callie and Arizona approaches, the couple will quickly realize that the day they have been waiting for is not working out as they first glimpsed. Callie's mother, for example, doesn't like her daughter to marry another woman, so she doesn't show up for the wedding. The wedding is celebrated, with several of the hospital members, putting Bailey as a kind of priest. An outdoor wedding that is one of the best weddings on television.

TOP 15:

Henry dies

Teddy puts her husband's life in the hands of her classmates when Henry is sent to OR for surgery and is called to be in another case. Cristina operates on Henry without knowing what he is. Richard and Cristina try to do everything they can to save Teddy's husband, but eventually, he ends up dying at the operating table.

TOP 14:

The alternative reality

Meredith dreams of a world in which her mother, Ellis Gray, never had Alzheimer's disease and they were caring and supportive parents. This makes Meredith happy, which makes the Seattle Grace completely different. She and Cristina are enemies, while April is her best friend, who is sleeping with Meredith's fiance, Alex. Owen has married Callie and they have 3 children. Addison and Derek are waiting for a child, it is only revealed that the baby is actually from Mark. Lexie has become an orphan and drug addict. It is revealed that George failed his boards, and was never seen again, while Izzie went crazy after Denny's death. Richard left Adele and married Ellis and Meredith took Webber as his last name. The episode ends reminiscent of how Derek and Meredith met.

TOP 13:

George's funeral

After George jumped in front of a bus to save the life of a stranger, George is taken to Seattle Grace, is operated, but eventually dies, but his funeral, with all the people in the hospital, is one of the saddest moments from the television series.

TOP 12:

The almost death of Meredith

Seattle grace inmates take vigil at the hospital for Meredith. Bailey and the boss fight to revive her. Meanwhile, Meredith is in limbo, where he meets Denny, Izzie's deceased fiancé, Dylan, the engineer who exploded with the black code, Bonnie, the nicha skewered with another man because of a train accident and other patients deceased in the past.

TOP 11:

The first day

Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex begin their first day as interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith begins her day after being with Derek, who turns out to be her boss, she immediately befriends Cristina, Izzie and George. He has as resident Miranda Bailey '' La Nazi ''.

TOP 10:

The Seattle Grace musical

Callie, after the accident, only sees the singing people, which causes us to see a perfect musical with songs like Chasing Cars, How to Save a Life or Breathe. The singers are Callie, Owen, Bailey, Lexie, April, Cristina, Meredith, Eli, Henry, Teddy, Mark, Arizona ...

TOP 9:

Mark Sloan appears

Derek's former best friend, Mark Sloan, who had had a love affair with Addison causing the separation of both in New York, comes to visit Seatle and removes things.

TOP 8:

Alex and Izzie's wedding

Everyone thought that this was going to be Meredith and Derek's wedding, but, as they knew Izzie had cancer, they decided to leave the wedding to the other leading couple, Alex and Izzie, one of the best weddings in the series , but finally, in the sixth season, Izzie leaves Seattle and asks Alex for a divorce

TOP 7:

The house of Meredith and Derek

Meredith prepares Derek for the plans of his new house, but they are not normal plans, if not a house is lit with candles on Derek's land, which makes Derek and Meredith get back together. But Derek decides to leave Rose, his current partner, first, to be better with Derek

TOP 6:

Callie's accident

Callie faces a car accident that will change her life and her relationship with Arizona, while she has a vision of the hospital and her friends singing, while they try to do their best to save her life and that of her baby. Finally, Callie recovers and her baby too.

TOP 5:

Derek is shot

During the Seattle Grace shooting, one of the most important shots was the one Derek received on the bridge. Derek meets Clark on the bridge and they start talking, at first glance it seems that Derek has the situation under control, but as soon as April appears, he looks back at her, causing Clark to shoot at the sight of his pregnant wife Meredith and her best friend Cristina apart from April's look

TOP 4:

Izzie, on the verge of death

Izzie, after the operation to remove the tumor, passes out, which causes him to be on the verge of death. Alex, Bailey and Richard try to save her, while Izzie meets someone very dear to her in limbo, George is also there and they both say goodbye before George finally dies and Izzie ends up recovering completely.

TOP 3:

Derek agrees with Meredith

After Derek has tried to propose the marriage by all possible means, he decides to propose it in a way that she would like very much, he will propose it in the elevator with the ultrasounds of all the people who have operated together. One way Meredith could only say yes.

TOP 2:

Denny's death

While everyone is in the inmate's dance, Denny dies alone in one of the hospital's rooms. Izzie, at that time her fiancee, is the first to discover that her fiancé has died. After all her friends find out, they try to comfort her and finally, Alex takes Izzie in her arms from Denny's bed

TOP 1:

The Seattle Grace shooting

Mr. Clark wants to kill those who helped disconnect his wife, so Derek, Lexie and Richard are in danger next to the entire hospital. Clark kills Reed, Charles and shoots Derek, Alex and Owen among others, but eventually ends up shooting himself so he won't be taken to jail.