The best concerts of Freddie Mercury (Queen)

The best concerts of Freddie Mercury (Queen)
Something that characterizes Queen of the others is her concerts, on August 9, 1986, "Queen" gave her last concert in London, months before she learned of the singer's illness. Epic moments are never forgotten for many years to pass, but there are specific dates that will always be remembered. SOURCE:

TOP 1:

Wembley (London)

1986 was a year of success for the Freddie Mercury group, when the "Magic Tour" tour was going well. Thus, not only highlighted the concert on August 9 in London, but months before the artists had managed to turn on Wembley, thanks to a fully delivered audience and a stadium for themselves.

TOP 2:

Live Aid (London and Philadelphia)

The concerts of the British band stood out for the large number of people they managed to gather, as well as for the effusiveness of Mercury and the musicians during each theme. Highlights the Live Aid show, held on July 13, 1985 to combat hunger in Ethiopia. The musical event featured two simultaneous macroconcerts in London and Philadelphia and was broadcast in 72 countries, reaching an audience of 1.5 billion live viewers on television. For many, the best performance in the history of 芦Queen禄.

TOP 3:

Rock in Rio (Brazil)

Another of the great staging of 芦Queen禄 is, without a doubt, that of January 18, 1985 at Rock in Rio in Brazil. The organizers of the concert managed to sell a total of 250,000 tickets, becoming one of the most massive performances of the moment.

TOP 4:

Knebworth park

This is the case on August 9, 1986, the day "Queen" offered her last concert in London before she learned that Freddie Mercury had HIV. A triumphant and successful show that ended the "Magic Tour", the most massive tour of the group. However, the concert was not only remembered for being the last of the British singer. The night shone on its own as soon as the event began, when the group arrived on the stage in a helicopter to avoid the city jam.

TOP 5:

Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)

Although the concerts with the most attendees were the most recent, we should not underestimate the tours before 1985. Therefore, I chose the show of the British band in Tokyo during the "Hot Space Tour" (1982) as an example of musical perfection . During that year, Freddie Mercury traveled with his musicians through twelve countries, among which are: Japan, United Kingdom, United States and Austria.