Queen's best songs

Queen's best songs
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To say Queen is to name a symbol of rock music . Formed in 1970, in London, by Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor, the training was completed the following year with bassist Johan Deacon. This is the British group that has had the greatest commercial success of the last thirty years. Queen sold, in 2009, more than 300 million albums internationally. An opinion poll published in 2007 by the BBC Two in Britain considered Queen " the best British group of all time", ahead of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Queen is also a pioneer in the world of video clips. In fact, since 1975, he began using this medium to disseminate his music. After the death of its leader, Freddie Mercury, in 1991, the group has continued to maintain many unconditional fans around the world. And, for commitment, ours: choose the best songs of Queen ... This is our proposal!

TOP 1:

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a song written by Freddie Mercury, and recorded by Queen in 1975. It adopts the rock opera style, and is based on a rather unusual structure for a rock music title: six parts are distinguished, it has no chorus, and has some "a cappella" arrangements along with other hard rock. It was an immense commercial success and marked a decisive stage in the group's career, being one of the bases of its recognition in the pantheon of the great international rock groups. Few will argue that it is one of Queen's best songs .

TOP 2:

Don't Stop Me Now

Don't stop me now is a song written by Freddie Mercury and published in 1979. It is another example of choirs recorded in different shots by Mercury, May et Taylor, as in Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to love. The letter refers to Lady Godiva, an Anglo-Saxon lady of the eleventh century who, according to legend, rode on horseback, naked, through the streets of Coventry, to convince her husband to lower the taxes charged to her subjects: "I 'm a racing car passing by like lady Godiva ". Another song that can not be missing among the best songs of Queen .

TOP 3:

We are the Champions

We are the Champions, one of the best songs of Queen , and the best known, was also written by Mercury. This song is very popular in the world of sports, and is interpreted in the delivery of many trophies. Contrary to what was run, however, it was not written in 1966 although it refers to the victory of the England team in the Soccer World Cup, that year.

TOP 4:

The Show Must Go On

The show must go on was published on October 14, 1991 in the United Kingdom. It belongs to the album Innuendo, one of the most successful of the group's career. It is also the last song released in Freddie Mercury's life, already very weakened by the AIDS virus, which would end him on November 24, 1991. One of the Queen's best songs , and also very significant.

TOP 5:

We will Rock You

We will rock you is the first song of the album News of the World, published in 1977. Composed by Brian May, it came out as a double single along with We are the champions, and these two songs have often been associated with sports competitions. It remains one of Queen's best and most popular songs , and has been retaken by numerous artists.

TOP 6:

Another One Bites the Dust

Another one bites the dust is a song from the group's eighth album, released in 1980. It is one of Queen's best songs , composed by the band's bassist, John Deacon, whose style is immediately recognized. Contrary to the previous songs of the group, it does not contain any guitar solo and sounds more funk. However, this was not an obstacle for the song to succeed at an undial level, and it is still the best selling single of the group, with more than 7 million copies.

TOP 7:

I Want to Break Free

There are two versions of I want to break free. The shortest one lasts less than a minute, since it does not include the long introduction with the synthesizer, nor the guitar solos in the middle of the song. The clip of this song, one of the best of Queen , is a parody of an English soap opera, Coronation Street, which exists since 1960. All members of Queen are dressed as women, and especially attracts Freddie Mercury, dressed as domestic assistant (with mustache and everything) vacuuming.

TOP 8:

Somebody to Love

Like Bohemian Rhapsody, the great success of the group published the previous year, Somebody to love is a very complex melody with choirs recorded in several shots, with a Gospel arrangement. This arrangement was recorded by several of the band members, to give the impression of a choir of more than 100 people. The theme of the song is faith and despair: the singer also wonders about his lack of love experience and the role and existence of God. You cannot be denied being one of Queen's best songs .

TOP 9:

I Want It All

In 1989, the group published I want it all, one of Queen's best songs , and one of the few classified as hard rock that succeeded at a time when fashion tended more to dance or Eurodance music. Originally, the song would come from Brian May's partner, Anita Dobson, who often repeated "I want it all, I want it now" (I want it all, and I want it now).

TOP 10:

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Who wants to live forever is a song written by Brian May for the movie Highlander, from which Queen signed the soundtrack. In the film, he illustrates the romance between the main protagonist, Connor MacLeod and his wife, Heather, who ages and ends up dying while he, being immortal, remains eternally young. Being one of Queen's best known, it is also one of her best songs .

Queen was controversial in its beginnings, especially in the United States, for his histrionic performances and often provocative appearances. The characteristic personality and voice of Freddie Mercury stamped a stamp on the group. In addition, their great variety of styles and records, and their undeniable musical quality in their genre, made them famous and recognized worldwide. For something it will be that many interpreters and groups have resumed their successes, with which the group became worthy of countless awards and recognitions. They have also used their songs in movies, musicals, etc. Anyway, this is our selection of the best songs of Queen. Are you agree? Comment is free, and we accept all comments ...