The best songs of ABBA

The best songs of ABBA
Who has not heard of ABBA? It was without a doubt the quintessential pop music phenomenon back in the 70s. You can find a reference to them in our top 70's best songs . All of his songs were hits on the charts of the time, and many of them could enter the top of ABBA's best songs , but this is our selection. As many of you will know, it is a Swedish group, and its name is an acronym formed by the first letters of the name of each of its members ( A gnetha, B j枚rn, B enny, A nni-Frid). The group formed in Stockholm in 1972, but did not reach international fame until 1974, when it won the Eurovision Festival with its song "Waterloo". Since then, it was gaining popularity with its catchy melodies, mostly simple and romantic lyrics, and its own sound. Bj枚rn i Agnetha married months before the group was formed, and Benny i Frida in 1978. Their recordings had a great commercial impact, which led them to become the band with more sales in the 70s. However, when They were at the height of popularity, the two couples separated and this was reflected in their music, with deeper lyrics and a different musical style. Finally, the group made its last appearance in public in December 1992 as ABBA. Even so, in the 90s several compilation albums were published that put them back at the top of the charts. ABBA has an estimated sales volume between 180 and 400 million of its musical productions worldwide.

TOP 1:


With this song - one of Abba's best songs -, the group won the Eurovision contest in 1974. The single was the group's first number 1 in several countries (United Kingdom, Germany) and enters the Top 10 in the United States. . In 2005 the best song presented in Eurovision was chosen to date. The letter refers to the battle that Napoleon lost in Waterloo, assimilating it to what the interpreter tells his lost love. "And now it seems that my only option is to give up ... I think I win when I lose."

TOP 2:

My momma

"Mamma mia" was recorded in 1975 and, in addition to being one of ABBA's best songs , it is the first song on her third album. The authors were the two male components of the group, along with Stig Anderson. The title comes from the well-known Italian expression, used in situations of surprise, fright or joy. Other singers have resumed this success, which also gave title to a musical, in 1999, written by Catherine Johnson, and subsequently to a movie, in which many of ABBA's songs are taken up, and that had an immense worldwide impact. You can read more about this musical in our top The best musicals in history .

TOP 3:


"Chiquitita" proved to be one of ABBA's best songs . It was performed in 1979 in a UNICEF charity: "The music for Unicef concert", televised worldwide from the United Nations General Assembly. As a result, ABBA donated half of the copyright to UNICEF. The song was number 1 in Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and ranked in the top 5 on the charts of Sweden and the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Norway . To date, half of the proceeds from the song go to UNICEF, in recognition of the "International Year of the Child" of 1979.

TOP 4:

Dancing queen

"Dancing queen" became, in 1976, one of the most representative of disco music, then in its beginnings. In fact, it is one of the best Abba songs of this genre, and we could assure you that it was danced hundreds or thousands of times in the discos and parties of the time. The group dedicated the song to King Carlos Gustavo of Sweden, on the occasion of their wedding, in a televised show across the country.

TOP 5:

Gimme, gimme, gimme

"Gimme" is the shortened version of "give me = dame" (A man after midnight = a man after midnight) was composed by Benny and Bj枚rn. Agnetha sings the story of a lonely woman who craves a love, explaining how different are the romantic endings that actresses live in the movies of their own real life. The song was recorded in 1979, at the beginning of a tour of the group through North America and Europe. This ABBA song triumphed for its intense disco sound, and therefore it also deserves to be one of ABBA's best songs .

TOP 6:

Super trouper

"Super trouper" is the name of a focus that follows singers during the show. The song was written in 1980, already in the final years of the band, and is said to reflect the tiredness of living continuously exposed because of fame. Even so, its quality makes it worthy of being one of the best songs of Abba , since it was a great success at the time, reaching the top of the lists of several countries.

TOP 7:

I have a dream

Released in 1979, the single "I have dream" became a great success, reaching the top of the charts in many countries, and the second in the United Kingdom at Christmas 1979. It is one of the best songs of ABBA , that even twenty years later was relaunched by the Irish group "Westlife" and returned to be number one in the list of the United Kingdom in the Christmas of 1999. It is one of the few songs in which other interpreters take part that are not of the group. In this case it is the children's choir of the Stockholm International School.

TOP 8:


Published in 1976, and composed of Benny and Bj枚rn, "Fernando" presents a nostalgic vision of two war veterans who remember a losing battle in which they took part. This is one of Abba's best slow songs , which invites precisely nostalgia, as its author intended, which explains that he devised it one summer night looking at the starry sky.

TOP 9:

Does your mother know

"Does Your Mother Know" was recorded in 1979, written by Benny Anderson and Bj枚rn Ulvaeus. It is one of Abba's best dance songs , with touches of rock and roll, pretending to be a parody of young people in the 60s, focused on the theme of a man who accesses the flirtation of a girl much younger than him. Does your mother know? = Does your mother know? Beyond dancing happily, some young people understood it as a protest.

TOP 10:

The winner takes it all

"The winner takes it all" is a splendid ballad published in 1980. It tells the story of a divorce in which the winner takes it all, and there were those who associated him with the divorce, in 1979, by Benny and Anni-Frid. However, he denied it, saying that he was talking about a fictitious case since in his case there had been no winner or loser. In any case, it was one of Abba's best ballads .

And here our selection of the best songs of Abba . We do not know if you will share our opinion, since Abba placed most of his songs on the charts, and some are still playing now. His music has been performed by some known artists, such as Mike Olfield, Kylie Minogue, Westlife, and even U2. The group was an icon of their country, as well as an important element in the expansion of European pop. Their popularity opened the doors to other European artists, which was one of the reasons they deserved to enter the Rock Hall of Fame.