The brides of Justin Timberlake

The brides of Justin Timberlake
Justin Randall Timberake is an outstanding and outstanding singer-dancer of POP music, the interpreter of songs like "Mirrors", "Cry me a river", "Sexy Back" among others, thanks to his innate talent has conquered the hearts of millions of fans around the world, becoming during 2013 like the most popular man according to the magazine "People", title undisputed, since the artistic dowries they surplus to him. This handsome artist has not only received unconditional love from his fans, but has also conquered various Hollywood women, also leaving high up the galan that is, I invite you to vote for the girlfriend with the one you liked the most see Justin Timberlake, do not forget to recommend the list and leave many votes. Warm greetings !

TOP 9:

Ashley Olsen

* Ashley Olsen was another of Justin's most talked about relationships, because there were strong rumors that between them there was a courtship, something that was never confirmed or denied. They were seen in different parts of New York to the couple, this relationship was during 2011, while the singer of "Like I Love You" had ended his courtship with Jessica Biel.

TOP 8:

Olivia Wilde

* Justin Timberlake met the actress when they both participated in the movie "In Time", the funny thing is that Olivia Wilde was not the protagonist but she played the mother of the character of Justin. The rumors began strongly when the two of them were seen in various places together. * This was another of the commented relationships of the singer during the break in 2011 with the actress Jessica Biel.

TOP 7:

Lindsay Lohan

* The couple of artists have known each other since they both started in the music and film industry. Well, both were talents discovered by Disney. But it was not until 2014 that the actress made a list of 36 Hollywood celebrities with whom she has gone to bed, among which she mentioned Justin Timberlake, confessing that during 2011 when the actor was separated from his current wife Jessica Biel They found themselves in a bar and what is known as a "Touch and Go" emerged. From the statements of the actress of "Twins", Justin did not refer to any comment, which caused the anger of Lindsay, because in his tweet she said: "Justin you are an infidel, you have cheated on your wife with many women".

TOP 6:

Alyssa Milano

After Justin ended his relationship with singer Britney Spears in 2002, the singer began to frequent the actress and protagonist of the hit series "Hechiceras", as they were seen in several events together very affectionate to each other, although their The relationship was very brief, Justin always refers to the best words to Alyssa, letting her know that she was an excellent friend and support.

TOP 5:

Cameron Diaz

* Justin Timberlake began a courtship in 2003 with the actress Cameron Diaz, a relationship that lasted for four years and even ended in friendship. They both met when they starred in the movie "Bad Teachings." * The couple was about to reach the altar, but according to the media the singer's love for the actress had ended up suffering a wear and tear on the relationship. Despite this Justin has always let everyone know that Cameron Diaz was the best girlfriend in the world, she was always worried about him, and that without her he would never have been able to emerge as a singer and dancer.

TOP 4:

Britney Spears

* Justin met Britney when both were just children, the two left the Micky Mouse club, where other artists like Christina Aguilera and Nick Carter came out. He interpreted "Sexy Back" was the first boyfriend of the singer, his courtship ended in 2002, when she cheated on him with his choreographer, the truth is that from there nothing was the same, because their relationship went from being one of the more beautiful and envied to a chaotic and stormy relationship, falling to be treated under the most cruel and hurtful expletives on the part of both. * In an interview Britney Spears' father said that his daughter's life began to decline from the breakup with Justin Timberlake, and that he would never again appreciate a son-in-law as much as he did with the singer. * The singer composed the song "Cry Me a River" inspired by Britney, because the lyrics are practically his love story and the girl in the video wears the same kind of clothes that the singer of "Baby One More Time" tends to wear. * Justin was the first love, boyfriend and man of the singer.

TOP 3:

Jessica Biel

* After the singer ended with Cameron Diaz in 2007, soon began a courtship with the actress Jessica Biel, a relationship that has suffered several ups and downs. Well, in the beginning the relationship was rosy, until the excessive jealousy began on her part, she could not bear for Justin to maintain a friendship with her former Cameron and other friends in the middle, which caused a break in the year 2011. * After being a year apart, the singer decided to reconquer the actress and take her to the altar in 2012, from there that the couple to this day is together. * She is the wife of Justin Timberlake.

TOP 2:

Mila Kunis

* Justin Timberlake in 2011 starred with the actress Mila Kunis, the film "Right to Roce", where both share scenes of high sexual content, causing the view of all fans and media. * The chemistry was so much projected on screen, that they did not delay in beginning the rumors that between both there was a courtship, since the singer had suffered a break in his relationship with the actress Jessica Biel.

TOP 1:

Scarlett Johansson

This relationship was never confirmed but not denied either. Justin Timberlake knows the actress since they were children, as both left the Mickey Mouse Club, but in different periods, but it was not until 2007 when the singer asked Scarlett to participate in the video clip of the song "What goes around comes around ", where they are seen with a lot of chemistry, from there they both started a nice friendship. The actress was cause for wear in the relationship of the singer with Cameron Diaz, because the actress of "Mad for Mary" could not bear that Justin frequented her so much.