Famous accused of racists

Famous accused of racists
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Racism is understood as the exacerbation or defense of the racial sense of an ethnic group, especially when it coexists with another or others, as well as designates the anthropological doctrine or political ideology based on this feeling. This "exacerbation" is not only committed by the "common" people, but "famous" persons are also carried out. Discover this list of the best known who were once accused of "racist" Vote and greetings! SOURCE: Terra USA SOURCE: peru21.pe

TOP 25:
Kate Gosselin
He posted a photo on his Twitter scratching his eyes in a Japanese cartoon character costume. The image caused controversy because it was said that the former reality star was making fun of Asian people.

TOP 24:
Shaquille O'Neal
It was evidenced on television in 2003 when he mocked the Chinese player Yao Ming to whom he allegedly sent a message in his language that said: 'Ching-chong-yang-wah-so'. Did you get it? Us neither!

TOP 23:
Michael Richards
Aka 'Kramer' of the Seinfeld series during a comedy show in 2006 made jokes about the black race which caused discomfort among the attendees and was accused of intolerant and racist.

TOP 22:
Val kilmer
He was accused of being racist by his neighbors in 2003. The neighbors of New Mexico accused the actor of harassing them and intimidated them to leave their homes in the Pecos River. Kilmer had stated in Rolling Stone that he lived in the homicide capital of the Southwest. Eight percent of the inhabitants of my county are alcoholics. The actor later said that his statements were taken out of context

TOP 21:
He created a controversy in 2010 to qualify the Chinese to behave as a "subspecies" for the treatment of animals in circuses, which he describes as "horrendous." "Have you seen in the news the treatment (in China) of animals and the welfare of animals? Absolutely horrendous. You can't help feeling that the Chinese are subspecies," the musician told The Guardian. This comment was rated racism by a spokesman for the Love Music Hate Racism organization.

TOP 20:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
He was banned from boarding a United Airlines flight for being under the influence of alcohol and assaulting an airline employee calling him 'niger' (black)

TOP 19:
Vogue magazine
LeBron James appears hugging Gisele Bundchen on the cover. This photograph produced the reaction of the media by calling the racist magazine because they compared the cover of Vogue with the image of the King Kong movie in which the gorilla grabs Fay Way.

TOP 18:
Vanity fair
With the title of "A new decade, a new Hollywood" the cover of Vanity Fair highlighted actresses like Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan or Evan Rachel Wood. This caused the publication to be accused of being racist for not including any Latina, African American or Asian.

TOP 17:
Miley Cyrus
She was accused of racism after a photo appeared in which she was with her friends and made a sign 'like tearing her eyes'. An organization dedicated to helping the social and political welfare of the Asian-American population called for the actress to rectify herself. Miley agreed and asked for the appropriate apologies

TOP 16:
Prince harry
It was in the eye of the hurricane when a video came to light where he still called an Asian army colleague as 'paki' (disparagingly refers to an immigrant or descendant of Pakistan)

TOP 15:

Paula Deen

She was accused of being racist by calling one of her employees 'Nigga'. The controversy was so great that it was triggered by this comment that Paula lost sponsorships, television programs and contracts.

TOP 14:

John mayer

He scandalized racist comments in an interview with Playboy by confessing his aversion to sleeping with black women. Then he tried to apologize through his twitter but his apologies were not welcome.

TOP 13:


Dior casts Galliano for his racist insults. The last of the scandals starring the designer was the release of a homemade video recorded in Paris, where he is heard saying that he loves Hitler

TOP 12:

Charlie Sheen

He lost his temper when he was divorcing his ex-wife Denise Richards who insulted her several times in a phone call and called her 'nigger'.

TOP 11:

Amy Winehouse

He should apologize for an old recording in which he sang a racist song. The home video was released by her ex-husband Blake Fielder. The song is for Spanish students studying English. 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes (head, shoulders, knees and toes). In the video, Amy changes the lyrics: "Blacks, pakis, gooks and nips, gooks and nips. And deaf and dumb and blind and gay". The song refers to the different immigrants who live in the United Kingdom, but in a derogatory way: "Blacks, Pakistanis, Orientals and Japanese. And deaf and dumb and blind and fagots."

TOP 10:

Matthew McConaughey

During an interview with the host Piers Morgan, the actor was questioned about his method of losing weight and thus embody his character in the film 'Dallas Buyers Club', to which McConaughey replied with a laugh: "Go to Mexico and take the Water".

TOP 9:

Dog The Bounty Hunter

He was caught while holding a heated argument with his son on the phone he scolded and insulted because the young man was dating a black girl

TOP 8:

Paris Hilton

It was filmed with her sister dancing and singing with racist language.

TOP 7:

Justin Bieber

I'm actually an Indian part ... I think the Inuit, or something like that? I'm sure enough that in Canada I can get free gas. ” This phrase cost the youth idol to be beaten by the Congress of Canadian Aboriginal Peoples, who clarified - emphatically - not to receive free gasoline.

TOP 6:

Michael Jackson

The 'King of Pop' not only denied his black race by bleaching his skin, but he did not like the Jews either. “They are like leeches… I'm very tired of this… they start being the most popular in the world, they make a lot of money, a huge house and cars. They end up without a penny. It's a conspiracy, the Jews do it on purpose, ”said the late singer during a conversation.

TOP 5:

Tiziano Ferro

In 2006 and just when his songs had conquered the Mexicans and sounded in all the Latin American radio stations, Tiziano Ferro committed the worst of the imprudence that in his opinion cost him his career as a singer: he called women ugly and mustache Mexican

TOP 4:

John wayne

The western cinema icon never hid its racism and was characterized by its controversial phrases. “I believe in the supremacy of whites until blacks are educated responsibly. I don't feel guilty about the fact that five or ten generations ago these people were slaves, ”said the actor.

TOP 3:

Jay Z

At one point it was rumored that he organized a party where entry was denied to any white person

TOP 2:

Mel Gibson

It was not one but several times he was accused of being racist. Once for uttering anti-Semitic insults, another against African Americans. The last time? His ex-wife Oksama recorded it while he said: 'You embarrass me. You look like a pig in heat and if a group of blacks rapes you it will be your fault '

TOP 1:

Elvis presley

The 'King of Rock' could not hide his racist side after releasing a strong statement that left him very badly standing in front of his unconditional Mexican fans. "I'd rather kiss three blacks than a Mexican girl," said the artist.