The best song covers of the Rolling Stones.

The best song covers of the Rolling Stones.
They are known for "The biggest rock and roll band in the world" and it is not for less. It is a band that arouses passions to both fans and the artists themselves, they are a reference for many bands that see in their songs a way forward. Many and varied groups are those who have versioned with great quality their satanic majesties, in the list there are several examples.

TOP 10:

U2 - Paint It Black.

U2 released a cover of the song as a B-side of their 1992 single "" Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. "

TOP 9:

Bon Jovi - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It).

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It) is a single from the group The Rolling Stones from their 1974 album It's Only Rock'n'Roll. And Jon Bon Jovi's group has versioned it in numerous concerts. Bon Jovi has influences from artists like Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith and Rolling Stones themselves.

TOP 8:

David Bowie - Let麓s spend the night together.

David Bowie in 1973 embarked on a historic tour, in those concerts versioning the Velvet, Jacques Brel (via Scott Walker) and the Rolling Stones themselves.

TOP 7:

Gilby Clarke and Axl Rose - Dead Flowers.

"Dead Flowers" was recorded for the first solo album by Gilby Clarke, "Pawnshop Guitars" of 1994, Axl on this theme made the second voice and choirs. In this album besides Axl participates Slash, Matt Sorum, Dizzy Reed, Duff, which was the entire GNR formation at that time. Guns N 'Roses also versioned it in several of his live performances between 1992 and 1993.

TOP 6:

Otis Redding - Satisfaction.

Undoubtedly "Satisfaction" is the most famous song of the Stones, if we refine a bit it may be the most famous of rock music. Richards has counted countless times as one night he got up awake and recorded something, the next morning he heard what he had recorded and there it was "(I can't get no) Satisfaction". What few people know is that Keith has always preferred Otis Redding's version to that of Stones himself. In his words, the soul giant hit the spot when playing the legendary riff with metals. Included in his best album "Otis blue". Insuperable.

TOP 5:

Flamin麓 Groovies - Jumpin麓 Jack Flash.

The Flamin 'Groovies recorded this song as a promotional video for the Ed Sullivan program. A powerful version

TOP 4:

Flying Burrito Brothers - Wild horses.

In 1968 Parsons befriended Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. While in England, he became friends with Richards and reintroduced him to country music. The relationship between Gram Parsons and Keith Richards has been widely discussed, it is said that the Stone lifestyle was what led to the grave of the country rock icon, it is speculated that Parsons might have something to do with the composition of some songs by Sticky Fingers and Exile on main street. The only certainty is that his surrender of "Wild Horses" appeared a year before that of the group due to the insistence of Parsons himself.

TOP 3:

Ike & Tina Turner - Honky Tonk Women.

Mick Jagger was always a great admirer of the performing arts of Tina Turner. In 1969 that admiration continued to exist and the Stones did not hesitate to choose Ike & Tina Turner as opening act for their American tour. These took the opportunity to make a version of the band's latest single, "Honky Tonk Women". Some think it is better than the original.

TOP 2:

Oasis - Street Fighting Man.

Other groups that have made versions of this song are Rage Against the Machine, Rod Stewart, M枚tley Cr眉e, The Ramones and Tesla. Oasis recorded a version that was released as the B side of their 1998 single "All Around the World."

TOP 1:

Guns N 'Roses - Sympathy for the Devil.

Axl Rose, vocalist of Guns N 'Roses, confessed to being a Rolling Stones fan. The most famous version of "Sympathy for the Devil" is that of Guns N 'Roses, which was recorded in 1994 and is heard during the final credits of Interview with the Vampire, Neil Jordan's film about Anne Rice's book. Axel in the recording of the song replaced some Slash solos with those of Paul Tobias and that was the beginning of the end of the band as it was known at that time.