The best Colombian singers

The best Colombian singers
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TOP 18:
Adassa (Reggaeton)
born in the USA but from Colombian parents

TOP 17:
Anasol (pop)
Born in Argentina, but from Colombian parents and raised in Cali

TOP 16:
Soraya (Pop) qepd
Born in the USA But from a Colombian family

TOP 15:

TaTi (Pop)

born in Cali

TOP 14:

Jery Sandoval (Pop)

Born in Barranquilla

TOP 13:

Carolina la o (salsa and tropical music)

born in manizales

TOP 12:

Natalia Bedoya (Rock)

Born in Bogota

TOP 11:

Diana Angel (POP)

Born in Bogota

TOP 10:

Veronica Orozco (Pop)

Born in Bogota

TOP 9:

Naty Botero (Pop / Rock)

Born in Medellin

TOP 8:

Carolina Marquez (Electronics)

born in Bogot谩

TOP 7:

Adriana Botina (Popular / Ranchera)

Born in Palmyra near Cali

TOP 6:

Paola Jara (Ranchera / Popular)

Born in Apartado, Antioquia near Medellin

TOP 5:

Andrea Echeverri (Alternative Rock)

born in Bogota

TOP 4:

Maia (pop)

Born in Barranquilla

TOP 3:

Fanny Lu (Tropipop)

born in Cali

TOP 2:

Farina (Reggaeton)

Born in Medellin

TOP 1:

Shakira (Pop Rock and Latin Pop)

Born in Barranquilla