Bob Dylan best songs

Bob Dylan best songs
Bob Dylan , stage name of Robert Allen Zimmerman, born in Minnesota in 1941, has been considered one of the most influential and prolific musicians of the twentieth century and proposed several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Therefore, it is not easy to choose the best songs of Bob Dylan , each one has its own, those that evoke one moment or another, one thought or another ... Bob Dylan gave rock music a new dimension: poetry, metaphors , figures that described the personal and social disorder in the world. In addition, he knew how nobody to mix the blues, the ballad, the protest songs, and at the same time experiment with various rhythms and harmonies, influencing many other singers and composers of his time.
Given the difficulty in obtaining quality videos from the time of the songs, we have prioritized the quality of the sound to that of the image, so many videos are really just the music.

TOP 1:

Blowin 'in the wind

Bob Dylan wrote this song in 1962. In a very short time he became the archetype of the protest song. Its human and poetic content made it the anthem of a generation, and this helped to place its young author of 20 years as a spokesperson, spiritual guide of the civil rights movement. If it is not the first of Bob Dylan's best songs , it is certainly the first one that comes to mind when thinking about him.

TOP 2:

Like a rolling stone

Composed in 1965, its duration (more than 6 minutes), its style and its arrangements have made Like a Rolling Stone one of the best and most famous songs of Bob Dylan . The prestigious Rolling Stone magazine called it the best song of all time, stating that no other has challenged and transformed the commercial codes and social conventions of its time like this.

TOP 3:


Hurricane, one of Bob Dylan's best songs , is a song of protest over the imprisonment of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (black boxer accused of the death of three people, despite pleading innocent). It refers to acts of racism against Carter, which the author describes as the main cause of his conviction in what he considered a fictitious process. It was one of Dylan's best selling single albums in the 70s.

TOP 4:

Knocking on heaven's door

This song was published in 1973, and refers to the instants, in the spiritual plane according to Dylan, between heaven and earth. This song appears in the soundtrack of the movie Pat Garret and Billy the Kid , in which Dylan himself plays a character. The song plays at the time of the sherif's death. This is one of Bob Dylan's best songs , and proof of that is that part of it reappears in many of other famous performers, such as Nick Cave, Aerosmith, Grateful Dead, Elliot Murphy, Nina Hagen, Bon Jovi , Eric Clapton, Wycleaf Jean, Avril Lavigne, among others ...

TOP 5:

I shall be released

This beautiful song by Bob Dylan, written in 1967, is known worldwide, both for the version of the author himself, who made them one of his best songs , but for the numerous versions of other performers, such as Joan Baez, Joe Cocker , The Hollies, Nina Simone, Jacob Miller, and many others.

TOP 6:

Mr. Tambourine man

Written and performed by Bob Dylan, it was published in 1965. Byrds recorded it in the same year and published it even before the author himself, being the title of his first album. Dylan's version lasts 5:29 minutes and consists of four stanzas, while Byrds' version only includes the second stanza and lasts 2:30 minutes. This song, without a doubt one of the best songs of Bob Dylan , appears twice in the ranking of the 500 best songs of all time , according to Rolling Stone magazine.

TOP 7:

Just like a woman

It is a beautiful composition of the author, published in 1966, which soon arrived at the art part of the lists. The lyrics provoked controversy, so Dylan was described as misogynist. However, there are so many interpretations that have given each other the subject that we leave to each one's own opinion. On a musical level, it is a little jewel that makes it one of the best songs of Bob Dylan .

TOP 8:

Tangled up in blue

This song, belonging to the album Blood on the Tracks, is often cited among his fans as one of Bob Dylan's best songs . He also deserved recognition from Rolling Stone magazine. It is a song that evokes Dylan's poetry style in which the rational notions of space and time intersect. He himself said in an interview: " There is no notion of time. Time is not respected. We have yesterday, today and tomorrow in the same space, and everything can happen . "

TOP 9:

A hard rain's gonna fall

This song, published in 1963 in the album The Freewheelin 'Bob Dylan, poses a question and answer structure inspired by the traditional Lord Randall song. The album's libretto says that the song was written during the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962, and quotes Dylan's words: " Each verse is actually the beginning of a song in itself. But when I wrote it I thought I wouldn't live long enough to write all those songs, and that's why I put as much as I could on this one . " Actually, the song was written before the crisis, since Dylan performs it for the first time at Carnegie Hall, on September 22, 1962. So, we wonder if this is one of Bob Dylan's best songs or a little piece of many of them ....

TOP 10:

It ain't me babe

This song first appeared on their fourth album, Another Side of Bob Dylan , in 1964. According to critic Oliver Trager, this song, along with others from the album, marked Dylan's beginning of exploring the possibilities of language and levels deepest of the human experience. The song - one of Bob Dylan's most beautiful and best songs - was taken up by other folk rock singers, such as The Turtles or The Byrds. Dylan's biographers often say he owes his inspiration to a former Dylan girlfriend, Suze Rotolo. It is said that he began writing the song on a visit to Italy in 1963, looking for Suze, who was studying there.

This is our selection of the best songs of Bob Dylan . You will notice that it focuses on the 60s and 70s basically. In fact, during the 80s and 90s he published a series of albums that were welcomed as the worst of his career and led him to believe that his decline began. However, "Times out of Mind" (1997) and "Love and Theft" (2001) pushed him back to the top of the charts. In 2000 he won the Oscar for the best original song for "Things have Changed", from the film Wonder Boys. In 2006 he returned to number 1 on the charts with his album Modern Times. Acclaimed by world critics and the public, Bob Dylan has managed to be the most veteran solo singer who reaches number 1 in the United States after 46 years of career. In 2007 he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts, and in November 2013 the Knight's badge of the French Legion of Honor.