Glee best songs

Glee best songs
In a series like Glee, they approach the songs, from the mythic Do not Stop Believin, to the impressive We Are The Champions, to songs like Loser Like Me. The 30 best songs of the first 3 seasons of Glee, here you have them. Enjoy!

TOP 30:
Somewhere only we know (2x18) - Blaine and The Warbles
Blaine and the Warblers sing this song to Kurt to say goodbye to him when he returns to McKinley High, and Blaine tells him that although he will see him after school and weekends, the others will not. At the end of the song when Kurt finishes saying goodbye to the Warblers, he and Blaine embrace, their eyes a little tearful, and tells him that he will never say goodbye to him.

TOP 29:
Cough Syrup (3x14) - Blaine
Blaine calls Kurt to the audience to show him a song he thinks they could do in the Regionals, continuing with the theme of this year that was the "inspiration." Blaine then begins to sing this song, and during Blaine's performance, we see scenes of Dave Karofsky, who is abused by his schoolmates after they find out that he is gay. Finally Karofsky ends up hanging from the ceiling in a desperate suicide attempt, and that's when the song ends.

TOP 28:
Bohemian rhapsody (1x22) - Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline
It is sung by Vocal Adrenaline, with solos by Jesse, in the Regionals. For this presentation, members of Vocal Adrenaline wore black and pink. The presentation is closely linked to the birth of Quinn's baby, Beth, mixing some lyrics with the pain that Quinn suffered (for example "let me go (let me go)." It is one of the longest recorded songs (except for the potpourri).

TOP 27:
I feel pretty / Unpretty (2x18) - Rachel and Quinn
Quinn and Rachel sing the song after going to the doctor (because of Rachel's accident) since Finn had accidentally hit her on the nose AND as part of the weekly chore.

TOP 26:
Toxic (2x02) - Will and New Directions
New Directions presents this song at the Welcome Assembly of William McKinley High School. At the end of the song, Sue activates the fire alarm, because the song was a "Britney Spears Sexual Descontrol", which causes the students to run out of the gym.

TOP 25:
We found love (3x10) - New Directions
In the episode Yes / No, Will goes to look for Emma in his office and together they walk through the corridors of the school while several teachers and students give flowers to Mrs. Pillsbury. Finally they arrive at the school pool, where the synchronized swimming team is next to New Directions. The boys begin to sing this song, with solos by Rachel and Santana, while they perform an aquatic choreography. Will, moreover, participates in some parts of the choreography, finally throws himself into the water and goes out in front of Emma, 鈥嬧媖neeling before her and asking her to marry. Emma accepts

TOP 24:
Dog days are over (2x19) - Mercedes, Tina
It is sung by New Directions, with solos by Mercedes and Tina. In addition, it is the first song (outside the competition) in which Lauren Zizes participates as a member of New Directions dancing and singing in the background.

TOP 23:
Born this way (2x18) - New Directions
To learn to appreciate self-esteem and feel self-respect, Emma suggests that each of the New Directions members wear a T-shirt with their defect, and then Will and Emma also join. The song is presented in the auditorium, and Santana wears a T-shirt that Brittany made, but does not go on stage, but stays with Dave watching them. At first Rachel could not dance with them because of the accident of her nose, but then Rachel joins them in the middle of the dance.

TOP 22:
Like a prayer (1x15) - New Directions
It is sung by New Directions. Rachel Berry sings the beginning of the song. Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, and Jesse St. James also have solos in this song. Jesse and Rachel have a series of solos between one and another at a certain point in the song. The original version belongs to Madonna, from her fourth studio album, titled with the same name, Like a Prayer.

TOP 21:
It's all coming back to me now (3x21) - Rachel
After Rachel's fear that Carmen Tibideaux will not arrive at her presentation, Finn encourages her to go out and win what she has wanted for 3 years. After regaining her confidence again, Rachel continues with her song after the presentation of The Troubletones. As her presentation progresses, Carmen Tibideaux arrives and sits in the audience, where she witnesses Rachel's excellent performance.

TOP 20:
Defying gravity (1x09) - Rachel and Kurt
It was sung by Rachel and Kurt in the first "diva-off" of the Glee club because Will was thinking about who he would use for the Sectionals. Kurt asked for the song but Will objected because it was originally sung by women. At first, the song was given to Rachel, but Kurt's father found out that Kurt wanted the solo, so he presented a claim to Director Figgins and Will gave him an audition for solo. Kurt would have won but he did not reach the acute Fa (he did it on purpose for his father) in fact he had gotten it but aproposito, so Rachel won his place.

TOP 19:
Any way you want it / Lovin ', touchin', squeezin (1x22) - New Directions
This song is a mix between the songs Any Way You Want It and Lovin ', Touchin', Squeezin ', from the band Journey from their albums Departure and Evolution, respectively. It is part of the Journey of New Directions. It is performed after Faithfully and before Do not Stop Believin '. This song was presented in the Regionals by all members of New Directions.

TOP 18:
The Edge of Glory (3x21) - The Troubletones
After falling into bed Mercedes, Will and Sue decide to put a plan B to the presentation of The Troubletones so they decide to recruit Tina and Quinn to support the loss of the girl. After a series of millennial remedies Sue manages Mercedes to recover in time for the Nationals, even with Tina and Quinn in their ranks the girls open the show of New Directions with the song of GaGa.

TOP 17:
My life would suck without you (1x13) - New Directions
It's sung for Mr. Schuester by the guys at the end of the Sectionals episode, since he could not be there due to his disqualification for accepting mattresses in the Mattress episode. Will realizes during the song how close he is to losing Emma forever, who has decided to resign as a school counselor. Will runs out of the music room through the hallways of McKinley High until he finds Emma. This is the song that is heard during the first kiss between Will and Emma.

TOP 16:
Teenage dream (2x06) - Blaine and The Warbles
In the episode Never Been Kissed, Kurt goes to the Dalton Academy to spy on his opponents in the Sectionals, is when he meets Blaine and form a friendship. While he spies on them, Blaine sings this song with his classmates.

TOP 15:

Rumor has it / Someone like you (3x06) - The Troubletones

It is sung by The Troubletones in the auditorium in the competition against New Directions in the episode Mash-Off. At the end of the song, Santana slaps Finn by telling him to come out of the closet, something Reggie 'The Sauce' Salazar, one of the Sue and Burt contenders for the congressional position, heard. As a result of that, Santana is harmed by including as a campaign slogan against Sue, that she supports lesbians and has as a leader of cheerleading one, showing the photo of Santana.

TOP 14:

Without You (3x10) - Rachel

The song is dedicated to Finn. It begins when Finn, Rachel and Kurt are talking and at that moment Rachel begins to sing. Finally Rachel ends the song in the music room with the others (in a moment they all disappear and there are only Finn and Rachel). At the end of the song, Finn goes forward and they kiss.

TOP 13:

It's my life / Confessions part II (1x06) - Boys of New Directions

It was sung by the male members of New Directions. This was when they were in a competition with the girls to define who made the best combination (medley) of songs. Finn was really tired before the presentation, so it was with the new school nurse, Terri, who did not have any type of pharmaceutical training and gave him vitamin D decongestants. This gave him more energy, and as he noticed very good results , Finn gave pills of this drug to his teammates.

TOP 12:

Paradise By the Dashboard Light (3x21) - New Directions

Closing with a flourish, New Directions interprets this song where the audience and the boys were surpassed compared to previous years, with the main solos of Rachel and Finn the choir sings this song closing its participation in the Nationals 2012.

TOP 11:

Just the way you are (2x08) - Finn and New Directions

It's the song that Finn dedicates to Kurt at his parents' wedding, showing how proud he is to be his brother and from then on he will help him at all costs "even if it costs me to receive a hail every two times" , according to Finn's words.

TOP 10:

Get it right (2x16) - Rachel

Quinn finds an opportunity to keep Rachel away from Finn by joining her to write a song for the Regionals. During one of the writing sessions, Rachel and Quinn hold a heated argument in which Quinn ends up exclaiming to Rachel: Why do not you get it right? (in Spanish: Why do not you understand it?) making her realize that she has already lost Finn. Heartbroken, Rachel arrives home and composes a theme, inspired by Quinn's harsh words. This track turns out to be Get It Right, which he interprets as the New Directions single in the Regionals, with choirs of some of the choir girls. While Rachel sings, both Finn and Quinn watch her, and while Quinn feels discomfort at hearing his lyrics, Finn realizes how much he loves Rachel, who watches him from time to time. Thanks to her contribution with this theme, Rachel is named the MVP, that is, the most valuable player of the club in the Regionals.

TOP 9:

Total eclipse of the heart (1x17) - Rachel, Finn, Puck and Jesse

It was sung by Rachel, Finn, Puck and Jesse, with the rest of the New Directions Boys singing in the background. Rachel started singing this song to show how sore and heartbroken she was because Finn, Puck and Jesse got mad at her. In the development of the song, Rachel is seen dancing with Jesse accompanied by dancers.

TOP 8:

Keep holding on (1x07) - New Directions

It was performed after Sue had Jacob reveal the story of Quinn's pregnancy. Everyone dressed in white for this number and Quinn cried throughout the song because everyone knew she was pregnant.

TOP 7:

Pretending (2x22) - Rachel and Finn

It is one of the two songs that New Directions presents at the 2011 Nationals, with solos by Finn and Rachel. At the end of the song both kissed, for which they lost the competition. According to the series, this song was written by Finn, but actually the producers wrote it.

TOP 6:

Somebody to love (1x05) - New Directions

It was sung by all members of New Directions at the invitationals just after April Rhodes quit the Glee Club and Rachel Berry decided to rejoin it, not liking being in the school musical, Cabaret, alone. She knew this song, but Finn Hudson and the others agreed to help her with the choreography. This song is suggested by Quinn to use it as a closing song in the Sectionals, since people had erupted in ovation when they performed it, although it is never shown.

TOP 5:

Smooth criminal (3x11) - Sebastian and Santana

In the episode Michael, it is sung as a duel between Sebastian and Santana after she confronted him and doubted his honesty, where they sing this song alone in a room full of chairs (as it happens in the video of 2CELLOS) of Sing-Off. Then Santana says he's better than him, but Sebastian denies it. Sebastian finally admits to Santana that he poured rock salt into the slushie that fell into Blaine's eyes, as members of the club suspected, which caused damage to his corneas, and before Santana can leave, Sebastian ends the duel throwing a normal slushie. However, and as we will know at the end of the episode, Santana recorded the confrontation to have proof of Sebastian's guilt.

TOP 4:

We are the champions (3x22) - New Directions

Figgins cites Rachel and Finn for New Directions to touch the award night of the year's teacher, with the surprise that the winner is Will Schuester, Rachel and Finn deliver an emotional speech, and everyone congratulates him including Sue, leaving their rivalry sanctified With the teacher, the choir boys interpret this song while Will is invited to the stage and received with a hug from each one of the members, provoking the emotion of the teacher and the joy of being consecrated with such commemoration.

TOP 3:

We are young (3x08) - New Directions

The song is presented after New Directions won the sectionals. The rest of New Directions joins in the choir, just then Mercedes, Santana, Sugar and Brittany arrive. Mercedes raises a note and the girls also follow but they are far from New Directions, so Quinn approaches them and takes Mercedes back with her. The others follow the example, so Rory goes for Brittany and Artie takes Sugar in her chair leaving Santana alone, she continues until she is taken by Rachel with the rest of the boys. The song ends and Will appears, everyone embraces hinting that the ex-Troubletones belong again to New Directions.

TOP 2:

Loser like me (2x16) - New Directions

The members of New Directions compose this theme facing the jokes and harassments that they receive every day for being part of the Glee Club, with a very rhythmic melody and with a lyrics inspired by different events (like the pushes that some of them receive for part of the bullies of the football team, or the land that Sue placed in Santana and Brittany's lockers). Along with Get it Right, are the songs with which New Directions was presented in the Regionals.

TOP 1:

Do not stop believin '(1x01) - New Directions

While Will leaves school, he hears the guys singing 'Do not Stop Believin' by Journey. Following the sound, enter the auditorium to discover that the boys are really good at that. Will makes his decision: he will stay and help the boys to win the Nationals. Unbeknownst to Will, an envious and competitive Sue with her Cheerios watches from above. Puck also watches from the entrance, looking at Finn and Will applauds them happily.