The best songs of Rock

The best songs of Rock
The prestigious music channel VH1 made a special program about the best Rock songs in history . 700 people from the US music industry voted for what should be the best songs in the history of rock, and on this list we wanted to collect their opinions, offering videos of the songs so you can listen to them on this page. It should be noted that we will faithfully reproduce the list of VH1 on the best Rock songs in history, although it caused great controversy by leaving out some of the best Rock groups like Pink Floyd, Ramones or Sex Pistols. This is why we ask you to give your opinion in the comments so we can create a list of the best Rock songs according to the community.

TOP 1:

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

TOP 2:

Child in time - Deep Purple

TOP 3:

(I Can't Get NO) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

TOP 4:

Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

TOP 5:

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

TOP 6:

Hotel California - Eagles

TOP 7:

Light My Fire - The Doors

TOP 8:

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

TOP 9:

Hey Jude - The Beatles

TOP 10:

Imagine- John Lennon

These have been the best Rock songs in history , according to the VH1 music channel. We have tried to offer the best videos of the songs: some are live versions of concerts, others the official video clip ... Despite having reproduced its list of the best rock songs, we want to know your opinion about which ones you think should be in this list. So, we ask you to leave in your comments your own list of the best Rock songs in history so that we can make another list with the opinions of the community.