The best Razer mouses for less than $100

Which Razer mouse to buy for less than 100 dollars? If you are looking for Razer mouses for less than 100 dollars, we compare the best mouses that you will find in the market that suit your needs and budget.

Razer - Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity: a modular mouse for all uses

Several times improved, the famous Naga de Razer existed until now in two versions. The first, called Naga Chroma (or Epic Chroma for its wireless version), offers 12 buttons under the thumb and is therefore particularly suitable for MMO type games. The second, called Naga Hex V2, reduces this number of buttons to 7 and arranges them in a circle around the thumb, for a use corresponding better to games of the Moba or hack'n slash type, for example. Aware that players do not always play the same type of game, Razer now introduces the Naga Trinity, a modular mouse designed to adapt to all genres of video games.



Razer - Razer Lancehead

Razer Lancehead

Razer Lancehead: a high performance and ambidextrous wireless mouse

Wireless mice are once again on the rise since Logitech introduced models that are really as fast as their wired versions. Razer, its long-standing competitor in the gaming segment, could not of course sit idly by, and its high-performance wireless mouse too. The Razer Lancehead is positioned right in front of the Logitech G900, with its ambidextrous shape, its high-end laser sensor and its guaranteed wireless operation as fast as wired.



Razer - Razer Atheris

Razer Atheris

Razer Atheris: a mobile wireless mouse for playing or working

Yet already present on the nomadic mouse segment for several years with its Orochi, available in 2016 in Chroma version, Razer launches a second model intended for travelers wishing to be able to both work and play with their mouse. The Atheris thus highlights good autonomy and an efficient wireless link.