Microsoft - Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13 pouces)


13-inch Surface Book 2: Microsoft signs its best ultraportable

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In 2016, Microsoft presented the Surface Book as the ultimate ultraportable. Despite undeniable qualities, the first model had passed a hair of the title. A title that this second version with undeniable qualities carries today.

Our review


The Surface Book fully assumes its ultra high-end side and is available in exceptional configurations. Note, however, that for this test, Microsoft lent us the most high-end model, sold for € 3,500 (Intel Core i7, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of SSD and GeForce GTX 1050 GPU). The less powerful version is sold for € 1,750 and offers an Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD and an Intel HD Graphics 620 iGPU.

It should also be noted that if, in the United States, two models are marketed (one of 13 inches and one of 15 inches), only the first is sold in Spain for the moment, but Microsoft does not rule out putting the other on the market in the coming months.



The first Surface Book of the name was already a reference in the matter, the second is also. No revolution in the design of the laptop, which thus takes up an almost similar chassis in magnesium. Almost, because the improvements, even if they are discreet, are present.

Thus, the Surface Book 2 takes up the logic of 2-in-1 with a detachable screen and such a special hinge. The screen always comes off with a dedicated button, but the operation is less painful this time than on the first model. The keyboard, which embeds the graphics card, is itself slightly more rounded. If it does not make the chassis thicker, it helps reduce the size of the "slot" that remained after the PC was closed.

In the end an impression of deja-vu emerges and Microsoft does not hide it: the Surface Book attacks MacBooks head-on. But the Redmond company is not content to take over the visual aspect of Apple computers and also seeks to seduce its users, especially with the presence of a real graphics card and a powerful processor to convince fans professional software dedicated to photography or graphics.

The connections are a little more complete than on the previous model, with two USB Type-A 3.1 ports, a 3.5 mm jack port and an SD card reader (SDXC standard format). Note also, for the first time on a Microsoft device, the arrival of a USB Type-C port, a standard increasingly used on our machines. To recharge the device, Microsoft has not changed its eternal magnetic port, introduced in 2012 with the very first Surface, and which is still effective and pleasant to use (the charger includes a USB-A charging port 5 W).

The keyboard and trackpad are big successes. Never before have we had such a nice chiclet under our fingers, with touches of optimal stroke. Similarly, the trackpad is a design gem and very pleasant to use. It is also possible to use the screen in tablet mode, by simply detaching it from the keyboard via a dedicated key.

If the Surface Book 2 heats up very quickly, it heats little. During our usual procedure (one hour of activity on the Metro Last Light benchmark), it barely exceeded 40 ° C, probably thanks to the distribution of the components both on the keyboard and on the screen and to air vents on all sides. Controlled heating that pays for the luxury of not increasing PC noise. In game, it does not exceed 36 dB, which is an excellent score. The breath is therefore almost inaudible.

A beautifully constructed PC, therefore, which delights the eyes as much as the fingers. Microsoft is not satisfied with making a beautiful laptop, it is also a good laptop for use.


The screen of the first Surface Book was the best on the market. This new version further improves it and delivers an impressive panel. The display quality is obvious and it is difficult to go back after having tasted it.

Delta colors E = 2.6 Contrast 1825: 1 Temperature 6833

The 13.5-inch IPS panel displays a definition of 3000 x 2000 px in 3: 2 format that is found on all Microsoft PCs.

The measurements taken on the screen are very good. The average temperature is 6833 K, which is excellent and very close to the standard (6500 K). Delta E does not exceed 2.6, which reflects the color fidelity. The contrast rises to 1825: 1 and the maximum brightness to 510 cd / m². All of these results demonstrate excellent display, one of the best we've seen so far. Microsoft has done a good job.

Only small regret, the afterglow which goes up to 25 ms. A result far from shameful, but not excellent. However, the thing is not handicapping provided on such a PC which is not dedicated to the game.


Microsoft's promise with the Surface Book 2 is to combine finesse, design and power. On this last point, the brand has equipped its baby (on our test version) with an Intel Core i7-8560U processor, supported by 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD. With such a configuration, the PC keeps its promise.

The Surface Book 2 thus reaches the index of 135 at the end of our test protocol. An excellent score for an ultra-portable. The Surface Pro 2017 - tested by us a few weeks ago - for example reached the score of 128. It is slightly less than a PC that puts on power, like the Gigabyte Aero 14 equipped with a Core i7 -7700HQ which reaches 141.

So the Surface Book 2 has no problem running greedy software. Microsoft keeps its promise to offer a thin ultra-portable, but powerful enough to run photo or editing software without any problem.


The Surface Book 2 is not a laptop PC cut for the game, Microsoft aimed above all at the professionals who seek a certain power for greedy software. However, with its GeForce GTX 1050 (2 GB of GDDR5 memory), it is doing well, without shining, of course.

Thus, during our usual protocols, The Witcher 3 reaches an average of 20 fps in Ultra setting and in Full HD. Note that it reaches 40 fps - so perfectly playable - when you set the graphic quality to "High". Star Wars Battlefront 2 runs at 29 fps, Metro Last Light at 44 fps while Rise of the Tomb Raider barely climbs to 18 fps. All these games have been tested in graphics set to the maximum, but are much more fluid once some concessions are made. Our power index based on 3D Mark reaches 48.

The Surface Book 2 is therefore not a gaming PC, but it still allows them to rotate while cutting down on the display quality a bit. If the thing is not an argument put forward by Microsoft, we can always appreciate being part between two work sessions - remember all the same that it is necessary to invest in the most expensive version of the laptop.

Mobility / Autonomy

Again, Microsoft does not disappoint. If the Surface Book 2 is not the lightest ultra-portable on the market (1.6 kg), it is doing very well, in particular thanks to a well-thought-out weight distribution, the screen acting as a counterweight with the keyboard. The thickness is between 1.5 and 2.3 cm depending on the location. Portable closed, the "magazine" aspect is very beautiful in addition to not hamper mobility.

It is on autonomy that the Surface Book 2 excels: during our usual test procedure (Netflix in Chrome, brightness set to 200 cd / m²), this 2-in-1 held 10:47. An excellent result, similar to that of the first model.


The speakers in the Surface Book 2 are very good for a laptop. If they are sorely lacking in power, they deliver a clear sound, especially in terms of voices, and quite pleasant to the ear. Note also very good stereo, but bass that lacks impact.

The headphone jack is excellent on all points (table above). Whether in terms of power, distortion or crosstalk, all the results of our lab tests were very good. A good mastery of the sound part by Microsoft engineers.


The Surface Book 2 is an exceptional ultra-portable. Combining finesse and power, it is the standard yardstick of Microsoft, which shows here all its expertise in hardware. Almost perfect until the end of the keys, the Surface Book 2 is a model to follow for the competition as it is well finished. Such quality is paid for very expensive, however, Microsoft fully assuming its ultra high-end placement. A very attractive 2-in-1, therefore, but far from addressing all budgets.