Microsoft - Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel i5, 8 Go de RAM, 256 Go SSD)


Microsoft Surface Pro 6: a new version always exemplary

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The Surface Pro is back in a new version, the sixth, this year. Microsoft is not shaking up its usual formula which, if it still works, would need a bit of novelty.

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Launched in 2012 with Windows 8, the Surface range is a showcase of Microsoft's expertise in hardware. With this sixth iteration, Microsoft refreshes its flagship product without upsetting the formula established seven years ago. The only innovation visible this year: a new black dress for users who want it.

If the formula still works, Microsoft delivering a technically flawless product here, some things are blemish in 2019 and it would be urgent that the Redmond company looks into the matter. First point, the sale of the machine "in kit", the keyboard being offered separately (at the price of 150 € or 180 € depending on the model). The Surface is first designed as a tablet, which currently makes little sense. Second point, some aspects of the design are old-fashioned, such as the slightly low screen / front ratio. Finally, Microsoft still refuses to include a USB Type-C port in its product. However, aside from these three points, it's hard to blame Microsoft's two-in-one for anything.



No big changes on the horizon regarding the design of the Surface Pro 6, just a few small adjustments that only users accustomed to the previous model will perceive. The brushed aluminum finish in one piece is still relevant today, as well as very angular forms with the most beautiful effect. As indicated above, the computer is now available in black, in addition to a gray version, whether for the tablet or the keyboard. Microsoft keeps the logic of the retractable foot which allows the user to adjust the tilt of the screen as he sees fit.

Connectivity, meanwhile, can not rely on a USB Type-C port, which is really a shame in 2019. Microsoft tightens the usual connectivity, that is to say two USB 3.0 ports (including one on the charger device), a mini DisplayPort port , a microSD card reader, and a proprietary Surface Connect port to charge the tablet. A mini-jack socket is also present.

As for the keyboard, two versions are available: the classic Type Cover (149.99 €), still effective, as well as the Signature Type Cover, more expensive (179.99 €). It is the latter that was sent to us with our test version, and it is very pleasant under the fingers. The stroke of the keys is indeed close to perfection, and the latter offer welcome resistance. The trackpad is also an example, since it is of surgical precision. Nice work.

The management of the heating is also exemplary. During our test protocol (OCCT benchmark for one hour), the PC was mounted at 41 ° C on the surface, and the heat was well distributed across the chassis. The PC can therefore be easily manipulated during work. It emits no noise, having no fan (unlike the Intel Core i7 version).



The Surface Pro 6 has a 12.3-inch IPS panel in 3: 2 format with a definition of 2,736 x 1,824 px. The screen / facade ratio is in the current average of two-in-one with 76.94%. However, tablet format requires, the PC has wide edges that make it a bit archaic compared to the latest high-end ultraportables on the market.

contrast 1 375: 1 Delta E 3 temperature 6 710 K

Once the slab has passed through the lab, it delivers very good, even excellent results in certain aspects. The contrast is thus very satisfactory, with a measured ratio of 1375: 1. The screen thus makes it possible to clearly distinguish the shades of gray. The temperature is close to perfection, with an average of 6,710 K, very close to 6,500 K of the video standard. The screen does not draw towards red or blue. Respect for colors is also there since the average delta E has been calculated at 3, which is excellent. Here, only navy blues and greens are very slightly distorted on the screen.

The maximum screen brightness has been calculated at 441 cd / m², an excellent score which allows you to work serenely outdoors. The remanence of the Surface Pro is 13 ms, which is a good score for a computer for office use. Finally, the gamma curve is not regular, which is a bit of a shame and reflects whites which tend to be burnt.



The Surface Pro 6 tested here has an Intel Core i5-8250U processor (base frequency 1.6 GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads) supported by 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. effective for serene use.

During our test protocol (file compression, photo editing, 3D calculation or audio conversion), the Surface Pro 6 reached the score of 78, which places it in the average of current ultraportables. It allows you to work smoothly on a wide variety of software, but will not work miracles on software extremely greedy in computation, such as video or photo editing software.


Mobility / Autonomy

Weighing 800 g (without the keyboard), and a size less than 13 inches, the Surface Pro 6 fits perfectly in a bag and is very mobile.

When it comes to battery life, the Surface Pro 6 does extremely well. During our usual test protocol (Netflix under Chrome, headphones plugged in and brightness set to 200 cd / m²), the PC shut down after 9:39, which places it in the high average of current ultraportables. It is also a much better result than on previous models of Surface Pro.

Mobility / Autonomy


The Surface Pro 6 is equipped with Dolby Audio software which brings a slight equalization to the sound, raising the low mids and thus adding a significant appreciable depth. It also adds a very discreet dynamic compression which significantly improves the perceived power. Taking into account the tablet format of the product, the speakers deliver good performance, better than those of many laptops on the market. Voice reproduction is natural and perfectly intelligible. The balance is very correct, the distortion contained and the stereo excellent - the latter taking advantage in particular of the ideal placement of the speakers, on both sides of the screen.

The headphone jack is a little less bright, in particular because of a little high distortion and a limited power which only allows to use nomad helmets that do not consume a lot of power.


Microsoft builds on its achievements, but does it well. Impeccable technically, the Surface Pro 6 remains a standard for the Redmond company which demonstrates its technical know-how. However, it will become urgent for the company to rethink its formula in part: if the product is almost free from engineering reproaches, the tablet format with keyboard sold separately is problematic. The Surface Pro 6 still remains a sure bet of the moment in the two-in-one category.