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Master Dynamic

Master & Dynamic MW07: true wireless with a strong character

Aprox. 122€ - see price -

First wireless in-ear earphones from the very young New York brand Master & Dynamic, the MW07 intend to offer "the best of sound and design".

Our review


As of the opening of the box, it is obvious that the MW07 want to be partners of a superior framework rather than unwavering sports comrades. The rectangular charging case, made of stainless steel, reveals in-ear jets constructed from the same material and clad in a cellulose acetate shell. Four colors are available: matt black, steel blue, terrazzo gray and tortoiseshell - model today on our test bench.

Updated 04/15/2019 at 05:06 PM

Since April 2019, the MW07s are also available in the colors "white marble", "pink coral" and "piano black".

The assembly is neat, the finishes are elegant and the materials of very good quality. We note however a great sensitivity of the case to scratches and fingerprints: after only a pair of days in pocket, it already suffers from indelible marks of use. The set is IPX4 certified - splashproof therefore, not waterproof. Five pairs of monoflange silicone tips are provided, the sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) will suit most people. That said, we regret that no memory foam option is offered.

Two pairs of stabilizers, essential for this model, are also in the game. Unfortunately not in "commas", they certainly improve the adequacy with the morphology of the user, but do not guarantee in any case a foolproof maintenance. In this case, for your servant, the first size was too small to properly secure the port, while the second was slightly too bulky and caused a throbbing pain in the back of the conch after less than an hour of wearing. This first day in their company irrevocably confirms our first impression: the townspeople MW07 are not cut out for sports.

The very narrow controls are nevertheless particularly complete for this type of model. To starboard, a multifunction button gives access to pause / play, to the next / previous track (respectively two or three short presses), to call management (answer / hang up: short press; rejection (long press) and to the voice assistant (long press) .On the port side, the user can adjust the listening volume. All the buttons are housed on the upper edge of the shells, so that when pressed, there is no unpleasant feeling of overpressure in the ear canal.

Despite the exhaustiveness of the on-site piloting, the addition of a dedicated application would not have been refused, if only to configure automatic standby or deactivate the integrated proximity sensor. The latter automatically pauses the music when one of the intras is not worn, a reflex that we would have done well in certain situations - like measuring headphones with our dear Rick, you can imagine, and all those where one wishes to listen with only one ear. This application would also have been practical for managing Bluetooth connectivity (4.2, AAC and aptX): no command being dedicated to activating the pairing mode, it is compulsory to disconnect the intras from any device to connect them to a new source.

If Master & Dynamic promises 3h30 of autonomy, in fact, the battery performance is much less glorious: at 75% of the maximum volume, we measured around two and a quarter hours of autonomy (2h17). The recharging time - by USB-C - is also disappointing: the case is completely rewired in an hour (for 3 additional cycles), and the intras themselves in 1:30. Recharging time is therefore almost equal to autonomy - a laborious report to say the least. The manufacturer puts forward that 45 minutes "enough" for 1 hour 30 minutes of use, which is not much more.

Latency, measured at 180 milliseconds, is among the lowest that has been observed to date for 100% wireless in-ear headphones. The induced difference between image and sound is affected, of course, and headsets of this type are the least suitable for watching video content, but the result remains bearable if you are not particularly sensitive.



The MW07 has a personality as assertive in listening as in sight: both very warm and detailed, the rendering indisputably signs in V, giving pride of place to the bass and treble.

The bass attack transients are dynamic and clean, just like the extinction ones - admittedly a little more rough but well respected. The rest of the envelope, on the other hand, very round, regularly generates mask effects - accentuated by a clear indentation of the mediums. The latter, caught in a vise between the bass wall and the sharp presence of treble, yet benefit from a faithful reproduction of the timbres, but lack "body" when the entire spectrum is occupied. Here again, we deplore the absence of an application which could have made it possible to soften the ardor of the spectral ends. That said, for lighter arrangements (guitar-voice, for example) or podcasts, do not worry: the voices remain quite present and intelligible.

The treble is very detailed, almost surgical. The depth of the acoustic spaces is therefore well reproduced, accompanied by the good separation of the channels (very light crosstalk, almost imperceptible) offering a beautiful width of stereophonic scene. Alas, the sibilance is marked, insolently accentuating the sibilants and the acute percussions (tambourine, shaker, cymbals).

The MW07s enjoy great power - an important element, given the fairly average passive insulation that they provide - with very low distortion throughout the spectrum.



Master & Dynamic offers a first model of in-ear headphones with a very assertive personality - whether in terms of design, neat finishes and good quality materials, or sound performance, signed in V. However, they are accused of a lack of autonomy, a perfectible maintenance, and the absence of application which could balance the rendering and facilitate the use.