Best Clash of Clans tips

Best Clash of Clans tips
Although it has been in the gamers market for a long time, it is still very popular and more and more people are starting to play Clash os Clans or Clash of Clans. For those new players of Clash os Clans, today I will mention the best tips to get you to level up faster and above all, perform the best attack strategy to invade enemy villages.

It is a compatible video game for iOS, Android and Windows, its premiere was held on two dates, for iOS in 2012 and for Android in 2013. It was developed by Supercell and so far continues to be one of the best strategy video games for mobile devices . The game consists of building a thriving village, as well as strategically assembling your defense and its army to defend and attack. So you must be able to build your buildings, strategically use your resources and assemble your hordes of barbarians.

TOP 1:


When you start in Clash of Clans you will start playing with a certain amount of gold and rubies. Spend the gold first and leave the rubies, since they are Premium coins, that is to have them you have to buy them with real money. The rubies will help you accelerate your constructions and therefore, you have to save them to use them when you have more level or want to buy the third or fourth constructor.

TOP 2:

town hall

Many gamers start in Clash of Clans by contracting the city hall and this is a serious mistake. The first thing you should build is the following:
  • Laboratory to increase the level of the troops
  • Camp to get more troops
  • Splash Defense: Improve it to increase the damage you will cause to your enemies.

TOP 3:

Normal defense

Upgrade first the archer tower and better the walls to the level that allows you.

TOP 4:

Seize the day

Do not put builders to work at the same time, as they will end up together and when they do they may not have resources to continue building and this means wasted time

TOP 5:

Design of your village

Remember to build your village strategically to avoid enemy attacks. In the first levels, take out the town hall from the center of your village and instead locate the stores.

TOP 6:

Troops Instantly

The best way not to run out of troops will be to let your barbarians trained when you leave the house. That is to say: When you go out in search of resources, you are using soldiers and when you spend, they also train in your village, so you will return and find your barbarian horde ready to attack again.

TOP 7:

Watch out for enemy attacks

Every time they attack you, observe your village to discover the weak points and improve them.

TOP 8:

Join the clan

It's time to join a clan to improve your defenses and attack, since clan members can help you in attacks and defend your village.

TOP 9:


Choose your victims very well to obtain their resources. Do not attack strong enemies or you will lose and you will spend troops for nothing.

These are the best basic tips for a new Clash of Clans player. What did you think of the advice?