Main mistakes in a job interview

Main mistakes in a job interview
A job interview is one of the situations that usually make you more nervous, in case you will measure up, if there is a lot of competition, if they will demand something you do not know, etc ... That is inevitable, but we give you some error tips to avoid in a job interview that will help you foresee some things, and get ahead of unforeseen issues. Let's start with the main mistakes made in job interviews.

TOP 1:

Never be late: it is a lack of education

It is very difficult to get rid of a bad first impression. Do not forget that a job interview begins at the same time you enter the company: a rude or late candidate is immediately labeled as carefree by the interviewer. In that case, the only remedy left is to excuse yourself with some credible motive that can improve your opinion. Without a doubt, this is the first mistake that can be made in a job interview .

TOP 2:

How to dress

It is preferable that they think that you are too fixed than too little. To the questions: do I wear a tie? Do I have to wear a suit? If in doubt, the answer is yes. Although the company is known as "young and informal," we must demonstrate involvement and seriousness. If anything, it will be seen later. Of course, very careful with the "penguin" effect. Nothing to wear a jacket or suit in which you are lost or uncomfortable.

TOP 3:

Beware of excessive self-confidence

The difference between a self-confident and an arrogant candidate can be minimal in a job interview . Someone who claims to know everything loses credibility. We must strengthen the statements with examples, anecdotes, etc ... to give strength to your purposes. And don't be afraid to be modest with phrases like "I was lucky to ..." or "I got the chance to ...". Of course, you do not have to self-denigrate, or you would lose any option in that job.

TOP 4:

Contain nerves

Stress at the time of a job interview is an absolutely normal state. But it is important to control it or, at least, not to let it betray us. The interviewer knows how to see nervous tics and appreciate if you are not comfortable. Try to keep calm. And if you know that it will cost you, there are multiple relaxation exercises that can help you control yourself. Another mistake is not to look in the interviewer's eyes : it is not about challenging him with the look, but an elusive look from you is not convenient, it is best to be natural to give a sense of security. You should focus on maintaining a present, focused and involved attitude. That will play in your favor.

TOP 5:

Do not recite your curriculum

It is important that you know how to talk about your academic and / or professional career naturally. Be careful when asked. It is not about reciting the curriculum as if you knew it by heart, that is already written, but to provide additional explanations if necessary. Try to adapt your knowledge to what is required by the company (according to the job offer announcement) and put in value the part of the curriculum that you think best suits you for the job you aspire to.

TOP 6:

Don't count your life

This is where you have to keep calm. Sometimes, the job interview progresses perfectly , you feel more and more at ease ... perfect. But beware of falling into an excess of familiarity and telling yourself about your life. It is the interviewer who directs the conversation: do not address personal issues unless you ask them. And if it does, respond with discretion without going into excessive details.

TOP 7:

Beware of talking about compensation too soon

Of course, in a first interview, questions such as how much do they pay? Or how many days of vacation would you have? They are absolutely prohibited. Of course they are important issues, and much, but it will only be in case that interests the company. Someone more concerned about its benefits than for work does not like ... There will be time to talk about it in subsequent interviews if they call you again after having passed the first interview.

TOP 8:

Not knowing the company

Sometimes, candidates forget to find out about the company they choose. Reading the job offer is not enough. With the means we have today, it is important to know about the company and the sector, and it will help us not to be silent if the interviewer raises it. In addition, it is proof that we care and feel involved.

TOP 9:

Not knowing what to ask

At the end of an interview , a good interviewer will always ask if you have anything left to clarify. Here you have to be careful: it is not about salary, but about the company. A question, even simple, about the operation of the company or the sector will show your interest in the job and your involvement.

TOP 10:

Not having prepared the cheat questions

The development of an interview is governed by certain codes and there are issues that cannot be avoided. There will not always be cheat questions, that depends on the interviewer, but if there are any, you should not let them destabilize you. Blocking you does not make a good impression. Therefore, mastering your curriculum and having thought about the coherence of your journey allows you security and naturalness. For example, if you have been unemployed, do not limit yourself to saying that, but take the opportunity to say that in the meantime you trained for other things ... You have to be positive and be willing to work.

These are the main mistakes in a job interview and more common. Then each case is a world, but we hope we have lent a hand, if you need it. You may think that some are obvious, others exaggerated, and you may be right, but for reporting that it is not. We await your comments and everything you think is appropriate to contribute.