The best fires of the Olympic pebetero

The best fires of the Olympic pebetero
Eight impressive opening ceremonies, with great moments, some are already mythical like that of Barcelona, others spectacular like Pekin's. Look at how they lit the Olympic pebetero in each of them and vote for your favorite. >> Madrid 2020

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ignited by the great Ali, despite the great name the olympic ignition is not remembered with great enthusiasm, since the fuse that the boxer lit, took time to ignite and rose more slowly than expected. As a negative aspect, we can highlight an attack in the surroundings of the Olympic stadium, which caused two deaths.

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The lighting of the olympic flame corresponded to Rafer Jhonson, the ignition took place going up some great stairs, where the olympic rings began to burn until the olympic pebetero was finally lit. As a curiosity, the boycott of the Sobietica Union, in retaliation to the previous games

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SEOUL 1988

Other games marked with polemic dyes, due to the fact that when the Olympic games were delivered, Seoul was a dictatorial country. the igniter of the pebetero was very emotional, three athletes climbed to the top of the pebetero to light the Olympic flame, surrounded by lots of white doves.

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MOSCOW 1980 --- first inauguration ceremony

spectacular lighting of the Olympic flame, where the last reliever, Sergei Belov, goes above the people, until he reaches the pebetero. It should be noted that Moscow was the country that introduced the opening ceremony, in games marked by the United States protest.

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Olympic games that are remembered freshly already. emblematic lighting where there are, the last reliever, Nikolaos Kaklamanakis, I wait at the beginning of a staircase for the great pebetero down to him, which, returned to his position at the top of the stadium.

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Impressive opening ceremony, considered the best so far. Despite the forces that did not want an olympic games, protests in Tibet were games free of bad acts. the athlete Li Ning, who was raised to the roof of the stadium and began to walk as if he was running over it. As Li advanced, a parchment was projected on the ceiling that was opening showing images of the route of the Olympic torch until it reached the pebetero, and then lit the flame on it.

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The lighting of this edition is also remembered for its spectacular, the one in charge of lighting the pebetero was Cathy Freeman, which put the torch in a pond, in which, it began to burn in a round, until a majestic pebetero came out of the water, which was located up the stadium on a ramp full of water!

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our olympic games, anyone who sees the video will get the creeps! They are considered one of the best olympic games in history, with one lit from the pebetero by the paralympic athlete Antonio Rebollo, using an arrow! AWESOME!