Mythical guitarists, and their guitars

Mythical guitarists, and their guitars
For me ... the most famous rock and roll guitars.

TOP 19:
ESP LTD Richie Sambora SA2 / Richie Sambora

TOP 18:
"Lucille" Gibson es-355 / BB King It is the name with which BB King baptized his guitars. The Lucille guitar that used to use one of the best guitarists in history as it is he was the Gibson es-355

TOP 17:
Gibson Zakk Wylde Signature Flying V. / Zakk Wylde

TOP 16:
1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ivory / Randy Rhoads

TOP 15:

Fender Telecaster / Keith Richards

The guitarist of one of the best Rock N 'Roll bands has a place among the 100 best guitarists in the world and also a few of the best solos in this musical genre.

TOP 14:

Fender Stratocaster / David Gilmour

TOP 13:

Gibson Les Paul Junior / Billie Joe Armstrong.

Armstrong regularly uses this type of guitar.

TOP 12:

ESP Mummy / Kirk Hammett

TOP 11:

"Frankenstrat" / Eddie Van Halen

Franky, Frankenstein or Frankenstrat. Undoubtedly one of the most mythical superstrats, but the most mythical, in history. The modified constructed stratocaster of the great and inimitable Edward Van Halen. This curious and incorrect guitar (now we will say why) is born from an attempt by Eddie to merge Fender and Gibson into the same guitar. Although for years it has been claimed that this guitar was a Fender or that it had been built with Fender parts, it is totally false. Eddie bought the ash body and maple neck from Wayne Charvel for a total of $ 130. It is not that it was a cheap price because yes, but because Fresno's body presented a multitude of defects, the most notorious was a large knot in the wood (Charvel himself labeled the body as body "2", denomination for the bodies that had left defective). The body, in fact, cost less than the mast (only $ 50 compared to the latter's 80).

TOP 10:

Rickenbacker 325 / John Lennon

Lennon bought this short neck guitar, with a natural finish, golden pickguard and Kaufmann vibrato in 1960, during the first trip of The Beatles to Hamburg, after he saw jazzman "Toots" Thielmans with the same guitar on the cover of a disc "one". Soon, Lennon installed a Bigsby B-5 vibrato and changed the volume and tone knobs. In 1962 he painted it black. This guitar appeared for the last time in the hands of Lennon in 1964, during a presentation at The Ed Sullivan Show. But John did not stop using it until the end of his days, as it appears in the sessions of the 1980 Double Fantasy album.

TOP 9:

"The Red Special" / Brian May

The Red Special, also known as The Fireplace or The Old Lady. It was built between 1963 and 1964 by Brian himself with the help of his father, Harold May, an electronic engineer. The reason for doing so was twofold: first, one of the then coveted Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul could not be paid for; and in part he took it as a challenge, with the intention of designing from scratch an instrument with the characteristics of what he considered the perfect guitar. For its construction he used the remains of an old chimney, a piece of a table, a motorcycle dock, or his mother's sewing needles, among other objects. Using also very simple tools, it took 18 months to finish it with an expense of less than 18 pounds of the time. It is therefore a unique model, although several luthiers have subsequently built a limited number of replicas of the original, and instrument brands such as Guild or Burns have manufactured serial commercial models.

TOP 8:

Epiphone Casino / George Harrison

John Lennon and George Harrison bought more than one Epiphone Casino. John Lennon put his Rickenbacker 325 on the shelf and began using the Casino as his main instrument for the rest of his days in the band. In 1968, when The Beatles were composing the White Album ', John decided to refurbish his guitar, sanding it to its natural color, passing it a new layer of lacquer, taking out the "barbed guard" and replacing the tuning pegs with a set of gold Grovers . His guitar, in that condition, was first seen in the promotional video for the song Revolution, which earned him the nickname of Epiphone Casino "Revolution" Guitar; but it was also seen in the film Let It Be and several photos of John of the time. However, John continued to use it after the dissolution of the band in 1970, and until his death, as can be seen in his latest recordings. George, who sanded his guitar in a similar way, stopped using his Epiphone Casino in 1967 and started using Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster guitars.

TOP 7:

Fender Stratocaster / Jimi Hendrix

It is not for nothing that the best guitarist with 6 of the best solos of recent times has it on this list.

TOP 6:

Gibson Les Paul / Slash

Slash is one of the best known guitarists in the history of rock n 'roll and of course ... How not to know his guitars ?, the model most used by him would be the Gibsons Les Paul Standar.

TOP 5:

Fender of 69 '/ Kurt Cobain

You can not say that Kurt Cobain was a virtuoso of the guitar but it is unquestionable that his sound contributed to define the grunge movement and permeated the entire indie scene, both in his time and later. Years after his tragic disappearance, the chair he did not occupy is still valid and there are many followers who try to emulate the Nirvana sound using Fender Jaguars and Mustangs but to what extent is it possible? No wonder Cobain needed to stock up on new guitars frequently. Jaguars, Mustangs, Stratos ... anything more or less of your taste but not too expensive to destroy. In the late 80's, given its disuse, Jazzmasters and Jaguars from the 60s could be found in second-hand stores for $ 100 in 1990 (about € 110 today).

TOP 4:

Gibson Les Paul from 59 / Jimmy Page

Page is also known for his Gibson SG double neck.

TOP 3:

Gibson SG / Angus Young

He had a Gibson SG with which he played until the wood broke down, due to all the sweat and water that came in. He had all the crooked neck. I bought it second-hand, it was a model of 67. It had a really thin, very smooth neck, like a custom mast. It was dark brown. Angus Young, on his first guitar

TOP 2:

"Blackie" (Fender Stratocaster) / Eric Clapton

Clapton "Slowhand" Cream guitarist, The Yardbirds and among other bands, known for his "masterful" skill with the guitar, has 5 solos in the top 100 and also one of the top 100 guitarists in history according to the Rolling Stones.

TOP 1:

Fender Stratocaster / Mark Knopfler