The best videos of babies and their pets

The best videos of babies and their pets
These are the best videos of babies with animals. The animals have a great instinct to protect the babies in the house. No matter how much "kennels" they do to them, they will not harm the baby, and even imitate or provoke their laughter by doing the clown.

TOP 1:

Come with me

The dog and the baby are so intertwined that it is not known for sure which one of them has a better time playing to drag the child to the dog's basket.

TOP 2:

Singing together

The baby, rehearsing his first sounds, has discovered that his dog also "speaks" when he hears him. What a conversation! Or we better say song?

TOP 3:

I'm going to try this toy

In the stage in which babies throw everything they find into their mouths, nothing better than a cat's moving tail tickling its face. Also to be a cat you have to be patient.

TOP 4:


"If the human baby walks like this, it will be for something ..." It is impressive to see how these two beautiful dogs crawl as the child does.

TOP 5:

It doesn't let him cry

This dog can't bear to see the baby cry. He decides to let the parents groan like the little one, and with that he also gets the child to stop.

TOP 6:

The most patient dog in the world

It seems impossible for this dog to be able to withstand all the stupid things the baby does, without trying at any time to defend himself.

TOP 7:

Sharing food

The baby does not stop taking the dog's food, and even attracts the feeder to him. The dog insists on eating, he even recovers his plate, but he never thinks of doing any harm to the little "thief."

TOP 8:

Dancer dog

What better clown for a baby who still crawls than his own puppy dancing and doing pirouettes in front of him? The child's laughter is spread, which encourages the dog to continue doing cute.

TOP 9:

Happy bath

With a dog like this, no baby will resist going to the bathtub.

TOP 10:

Sleeping with his best friend

He is a very, very small baby. The dog remains attached to him during sleep, and aims to wake him up as soon as he hears mom's voice. And so, it sure wakes him up.

These are the best videos of babies living with their pets. And also a recognition of these animals that support what they do and sometimes get excited even playing and caring for their "little owners"