Samsung - Samsung U28E570DS


Samsung U28E570DS: an affordable 28-inch Ultra HD screen

Aprox. 299€

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The Samsung U28E570DS monitor is identical in all respects to the Samsung U28E590D that we tested. We therefore refer you to the latter's test for more details on ergonomics and image quality.

Positive points

Ultra HD definition.

FreeSync compatible.


Good calibration with some manual adjustments.

Bad points

Limited contrast.

Narrow viewing angles.

No height adjustment.

No USB hub.

FreeSync not compatible with Xbox One S / X.

Our review


The Samsung U28E570DS - dental to the Samsung U28E590D that we tested - is a good Ultra HD monitor. It displays a relatively well calibrated image after a few adjustments, but still suffers from TN technology faults (low contrast and limited viewing angles). We regret the lack of FreeSync compatibility with consoles, but it remains a good playmate.