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Tt eSports Black V2: a laser mouse with 7 buttons and adjustable mass

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Tested in 2010 in our columns, the Black returns in version 2. On the menu, always a laser sensor and an adjustable mass, but improvements at all levels: one more button under the thumb, a more advanced sensor, a new coating softer and much more advanced software.

Positive points

Pleasant handling, materials soft to the touch and not very dirty.

Fairly accurate laser sensor.

7 buttons, including 2 under the thumb.

Adjustable mass.

Bad points

Wheel without horizontal scrolling.

Sensitivity indicators barely visible if viewed from the side.

Not far from ambidexterity, but reserved for right-handers.

Our review


Popular model in the range of Tt eSports mice, the Black does not change in its shape during this transition to version 2. The shell of the Black V2 is thus strictly identical to that of the Black first of the name, in outside of the materials used.

At first glance, we notice that it would not have missed much to this mouse to become truly ambidextrous. Alas, left-handers will be at their expense, since if you can hold the mouse without too many problems with your left hand, you can quickly notice that it is not intended for such handling. The two sections are in fact shaped differently, the right one being flatter and less high due to an inclination of the shell to the right (right button lower than the left button), this in order to better match the shape of the right hand and its natural orientation.

Conversely, the left edge gains a little overweight to better support the thumb and has a textured insert for better grip of the tip of the thumb. This non-slip area is unfortunately a little short and little hands will find it difficult to take advantage of it. The pattern used (hexagons) for this small area is also the first element of differentiation compared to the Black V1, even if the shape of the latter is unchanged.

More noticeable however, the surface of the shell becomes even softer than before, for a very pleasant touch and not too slippery. The material used is also not very sensitive to fingerprints and benefits from a small, visually unpleasant glitter effect. The shiny black parts located in front of and between the two main buttons get dirty faster, however, without being very annoying, as these areas are not touched frequently.

Regarding the grip, we appreciate the fairly compact shape of the mouse. It allows it to be well grasped by the edges, with a slightly wider base that welcomes the palm of the hand. Small hands can also put the whole palm there for a grip in palm grip, while the larger ones will rather orient themselves towards claw grip so as not to have their fingers sticking out, in particular due to the short length of the Black V2.

Since the world of gaming peripherals seems decidedly well associated with the black and red colors, it is not surprising that we observe the arrival of red buttons on the Black V2. A color that is also found on the backlight of the logo and the dial, as was already the case on the V1. The brand logo has however evolved since then and the two letters "Tt" of the Black V1 are replaced by a small dragon on the V2. Another illuminated area is the sensor sensitivity indicator with its 4 red LEDs. Alas, their directivity is too strong, they only light upwards and it is difficult to see if they are on if you do not look well over the mouse.

Question buttons, the Black V2 has 7, one more than the Black. This newcomer finds its place on the left edge, to add a "next page" function which was lacking in the first version and which thus makes it possible to navigate more efficiently in the explorer or on the Web. Otherwise, we find, in addition to the two main buttons - associated with Omron switches guaranteed for 5 million activations - offering good sensitivity and a fairly discreet click, two buttons for changing profile and sensor sensitivity on the fly, located at - above the wheel . The wheel is also clickable and also proves to be quite soft and nevertheless well notched. However, it does not offer horizontal scrolling (no side switches).

Below the mouse, 4 PTFE pads ensure a fairly fluid and discreet glide. It is also here that one notices a hatch of access to the system of adjustment of the mass of the mouse. There is a small perforated rubber plate that can accommodate up to 5 small masses of 4.5 g each, the whole weighing 26.8 g. The mouse can thus go from approximately 88 g (without cable) to almost 115 g.



The Black V2 is fitted with an Avago 9500 laser sensor operating at a maximum sensitivity of 5,700 dpi. This ensures operation on a wide variety of surfaces, although our tests on glass or excessively reflective materials have not been conclusive.

The accuracy is satisfactory and the stability quite good, especially when it comes to refocusing the mouse by lifting it, since the height of the sensor dropout is low. However, players who prefer low sensitivities will be advised to opt for a faster sensor, this in order to guarantee proper operation in the most abrupt movements.



Pleasant to use, the Black V2 corrects the faults of its predecessor without changing its design. Despite some shortcomings, it turns out to be comprehensive and versatile enough to seduce, without really standing out from the competition, its shape dedicated to right-handers not helping it particularly on this point.