The best Hp monitors for less than $300

Which Hp monitor to buy for less than 300 dollars? If you are looking for Hp monitors for less than 300 dollars, we compare the best monitors that you will find in the market that suit your needs and budget.

HP - HP 24w

HP 24w

HP 24w: a 24 inch IPS monitor for less than € 130

After testing an HP 22w (then sold around 100 €), we are interested in its 24 inch version, the HP 24w which costs only a few tens of euros. It remains to be seen whether this model is in line with its little brother ...



HP - HP 22w

HP 22w

HP 22w: a small 22-inch IPS monitor for less than € 100

In our search for screens at a good price, we came across this HP 22w monitor, a model that has a 22-inch Full HD IPS panel sold at a floor price: just below the psychological bar of 100 €. Let's see what this entry level monitor is really worth.