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Asus Zenbook UX410U: a controlled and well-placed laptop

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This is a mid-range computer from Asus which has just passed through our labs. Suffice to say right away, this Zenbook UX410U is a good product which shows that Asus does not neglect this segment. Detailed review ...

Our review


If many manufacturers focus their communication above all on the high-end, they still take special care in the mid-range segment which crystallizes the biggest sales. At Asus, the Zenbook range has both flagship models, such as the Zenbook 3 Deluxe, but also more affordable versions, such as the model tested here, the UX410U.

And despite some obvious concessions, it proves that the Taiwanese manufacturer cares for all its products.


The Asus Zenbook UX410U follows the codes of the range, with a brushed aluminum cover of the most beautiful effect in the purest Asus style. Only the cover is made of metal, the rest being hardened plastic of the same color.

The overall design is successful, but still places a notch below that of the contract high-end models, in particular because of the omnipresent curves and thickness (19 mm). Nevertheless, the finish has the merit of being very correct, the chassis does not crack under the fingers and the whole and visually successful.

The keyboard is convincing, without being exceptional. It thus adopts a long stroke and a pleasant touch, in addition to a welcome resistance, but the return of impact is not ideal. The trackpad is of good quality and responds well to navigation. Asus fulfills its contract at this level.

Connectivity side, there are two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a USB Type-C port, an HDMI, a mini-jack as well as an SD card reader, always appreciable.

Under the lens of our thermal camera, the Zenbook UX410U reveals satisfactory results. During our usual test protocol (Unigine Heaven benchmark for one hour), the PC temperature rose to 43 ° C between the hinge and the top of the keyboard. An acceptable score, given the on-board processor (Core i5 processor; see below in the section devoted to performance). In terms of noise, the PC does not exceed 39 dB, barely more than the ambient noise. It therefore remains very silent.


The Asus Zenbook UX410U has a 14-inch mat IPS screen (1,920 x 1,080 px). Asus has bet on thin edges and delivers a rather high screen / front ratio of 79.5%. The measurements carried out in our laboratory reveal very good results.

contrast 1245: 1 Delta E 1.6 temperature 7700 K

The contrast measured at 1245: 1 provides a good view of the gray gradations. The average Delta E was measured at 1.6, a very low score which testifies to the fidelity of the colors. A data which is confirmed by the sight of the table of colors.

The temperature was measured at 7,700 K, which is above the video standard (6,500 K), which means that the grayscale is slightly blue. However, this is not obvious to the naked eye. The remanence is 14 ms, which is a good result for a panel not dedicated to games. The maximum brightness of 376 cd / m² is also very satisfactory.


The Zenbook UX410U has an Intel Core i5-8250U processor (4 cores, 8 threads, frequencies ranging from 1.6 to 3.4 GHz) supported by 8 GB of RAM. The tested model has a 256 GB SSD. With such a configuration, we can expect a computer powerful enough for advanced use.

During our usual test protocol (file compression, audio and video conversions, photo editing, 3D calculations), this Zenbook obtained a score of 81 on our (new) test scale. It is logically placed at the level of ultraportables equipped with the same processor (Matebook X Pro from Huawei or Lenovo Yoga 920). This processor thus makes it possible to run without problems greedy applications in computation.

Mobility / Autonomy

The Zenbook has a 14 inch screen in a chassis usually reserved for 13 inches, mainly because of its screen edges. Although it is a little thick (19 mm) and a little heavy (1.6 kg), it is still easily transportable and can slip into a bag.

The good surprise comes from autonomy. During our usual test protocol (Netflix in Chrome, headphones plugged in, backlight off, brightness set to 200 cd / m²), the Zenbook UX410U shut down after 9:35. An excellent score that rivals those of the market leaders.


The Zenbook speakers are placed on the front of the PC, under the chassis. Thus, the sound is very dependent on the surface on which the computer is placed, the wood reflecting better than the fabric, for example. The sound itself is correct, without being exceptional. We deplore a narrow stereo, a certain lack of power, and a slight inclination towards extreme treble which can make listening tiring in the long term. At least the voices are reproduced in a perfectly intelligible way.

The headphone jack is also very good. However, its limited power forces it to be used exclusively with a nomadic type helmet.


Asus delivers here a very well finished PC, which does honor to the Zenbook range. Powerful, with a beautiful screen and a chassis which, if it is not exceptional, is quite acceptable, the Zenbook UX410U is a more than honest computer in the mid-range. Its excellent autonomy, which surpasses that of many competitors, allows it to stand out on this essential criterion for a laptop.