The best musicals in history

The best musicals in history
We have made a brief selection of the best musicals in history . Most of them have jumped from the cinema to the theater , and vice versa. In any case, we recommend the soundtracks of any of them that, we have no doubt, will sound and you will like them.

TOP 1:

West side story

West Side Story premiered on October 18, 1961 in New York and in a short time was the first musical par excellence worldwide . He won 10 Oscars, another 15 awards and 6 nominations. Recover the story of Romeo and Juliet in a world of Latino immigrants in New York, where a young man in a band falls in love with a girl from another rival band, always violently confronted. Both the music and the choreographies are interesting and very attractive to the viewer. The soundtrack has no waste.

TOP 2:

Singing under the rain

Singing in the rain, one of Hollywood's first musical films, premiered in 1952. It was one of the great successes of the beginning of sound cinema, in which actors from silent films worked. The dance scenes, especially that of Gene Kelly with his umbrella, dancing and splashing in the rain, are engraved in the minds of many music movie lovers. The soundtrack in general is very interesting, especially considering, as we have said, that were the beginnings of sound in the cinema.

TOP 3:


Grease (Brillantina), premiered in 1978, although it is set in the 50s and collects both the atmosphere of the boy bands of the time, where the hardness was appreciated, which was worth of manhood, as the candor of the protagonist , subject to the restrictive moral rules of the time. A young John Travolta falls in love with an innocent Olivia Newton-John , and their positions, far from the beginning, are approaching to the astonishment of their friends. In the end, of course, love triumphs. The music is commercial and catchy, and the star number of the boys on the car "Grease Lightning" has been imitated in many occasions.

TOP 4:

Mary Poppins

Walt Disney premiered in 1964 Mary Poppins , in which real characters are mixed with other cartoons. The story is set in London in 1910, where a seemingly trouble-free family hires a babysitter to care for their two children. The magical nanny, Mary Poppins, who, throughout the film, teaches them, playing, singing and dancing, the values of life. It is an endearing film, something 帽o帽o, but it is a musical comedy with really attractive numbers. Who has never heard of the "little sugar" or " supercalifragilisticoespialidoso "?

TOP 5:


Cabaret is the musical par excellence. Based on the 1939 Goodbye to Berlin novel, he jumped to the cinema in 1972, and deserved numerous film awards. It is located in Berlin, at the beginning of the 30s. The Cabaret in which the story takes place welcomes the loves of a dancer, Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) and a university student, Bryan Roberts, in the middle of Nazi Germany.

TOP 6:

My momma

My mamma ! It is an American film of the year 2008. Previously it had been in the theaters and it is about the musical adaptation of the work based on the songs of the Swedish group ABBA . On the Greek island of Kalokairi, Donna Sheridan owns a small hotel, where she lives with her daughter Sofia. The young Sky is also the protagonist, boyfriend of the latter. Both are in full preparations for their wedding, but Sofia would like her father to take her to the altar. The problem is that neither she nor her mother know for sure who she is. After spying on Donna's diary, Sofia discovers three possible men who would meet the characteristics, and decides to invite all three to the wedding. There will be other stories ...

TOP 7:

Dirty dancing

It is an American musical film from 1987. The action takes place in the summer of 1963. Baby, daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, goes to spend the holidays with her parents and her sister at a holiday camp. Her restless character leads her to mix in the life of the employees of the camp and to know a world that is strange to her, that of dancing. Despite his father's anger, Baby will begin a love story with Johnny, one of the teachers of the establishment, of social origin very different from that of the young woman's family. Dirty dancing is also called Hot Dance in Mexico, and could not be missing in the best musicals .

TOP 8:

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is an opera-rock, by the prolific Andrew Lloyd Webber, which gathers the events of the last days of Jesus' life, as narrated by the New Testament. It was initially an album, and soon jumped to the theaters of Broadway , and to the cinema, whose first version dates from 1973. Many interpretations have been made and also several films, orienting the facts towards more modern times.

TOP 9:


Hair is a musical rock that was created, in principle "off-Broadway" in 1967, and that jumped to Broadway from April 1968, staying for four years, without interruption. It is a product of the hippie counterculture and the sexual revolution of the 60s. Some of his songs came to be considered hymns of the peace movements against the Vietnam War.

TOP 10:

A chorus line

A Chorus Line is a musical created in 1975 on Broadway . It remained uninterrupted from 1975 to 1990, with a record of representations. Later, in 1985, Richard Attenborough took her to the movies. Throughout a casting for a musical show, dancers should talk about their intimacies, their doubts, and their secrets. This shows the individuality of each one of them, but, at the end of the casting, the chosen ones must become a unique team, as if they were a single person.

TOP 11:

Seven girlfriends for seven brothers

This is a musical film of the year 1945. The eldest of seven brothers who live in the mountains practically isolated, Adam Pontipee, decides to go to town with the purpose of finding a wife. Meet Milly, they like each other, they get married, and they leave town immediately. Along the way, Adam, unimportant, lets Milly know that his six single brothers and woodcutters like him will share a house with them. This represents a great disappointment for Molly, but, after a few days of rebellion, she decides to teach Adam's brothers good manners. Afterwards, everyone goes to the town to a party, where each one falls in love with a girl. Before the imminent arrival of winter and the isolation from the snow of their house, they can think of nothing better than to kidnap them and take them home, where they will end up falling in love with them.

TOP 12:


Another famous musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1978. He is distinguished not only by his music, but also by his impressive dance numbers. The show was very successful in all the countries where it was performed and, although not all the reviews were good, it has adapted to more than twenty languages. The story focuses on a group of cats, the J茅licos, that night they must choose who will be entitled to a new rebirth.

TOP 13:

Moulin Rouge

Various films by Moulin Rouge have been made, a musical whose latest version hit theaters in 2001. It is inspired by the novel La Dama de las Camelias , by Dumas. At the end of the 19th century, a young poor poet, settles in the Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre where he knows Bohemian life. He dreams of writing a great work, and the painter Toulouse-Lautrec gives him the opportunity. He hires him to write the booklet of a magazine at the Moulin Rouge , where the young man meets and falls in love with Satine, the star of the prodigious cabaret ...

TOP 14:

The Miserables

Los Miserables is an English musical film of 2012, which comes from the successful musical comedy of 1980, free adaptation of the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo, 1862. Eight times Oscar nominee, including the one of the best film in 2013 The action is located in France, in the 19th century. It is a sad story of broken dreams, unhappy loves, passion, sacrifice and redemption. Jean Valjean, a former convict persecuted for decades by police Javert, promises Fantine to save his daughter Cosette from the tragic fate of which she herself is a victim, the life of slavery.

TOP 15:

Fiddler on the Roof

It is an American musical film that came to the cinema in 1971. It comes from the adaptation of the musical comedy of the same name created on Broadway in 1964. It has, with humor and emotion, the sometimes cheerful and sometimes tragic life of the Jewish community of a Ukrainian people, and the endearing story of a father who sees how little by little his daughters get engaged and married.

TOP 16:
The Wizard of Oz
This is the musical adaptation of a novel for children by L. Frank Baum, published in the United States in 1900. A girl, Dorothy, flies home with her because of a tornado and arrives in the wonderful country of Oz, killing, at fall to the wicked witch of the west. There, Dorothy puts on some special shoes with magical gifts, and leaves in search of the Wizard of Oz, so that he returns home. Along the way, find curious characters with your personal desires and share the trip. But the wizard of Oz is a faker. However, things will end well and the Eastern Fairy will bring Dorothy back to her house.

TOP 17:
The film is a musical drama that was published in 1983. A young woman, Alex, lives in a city overwhelmed by unemployment. To make a living, she works as a welder in a factory, but her passion is very different: dancing. And at night, to win something else, dance in a club. Meet the owner of the factory, who falls in love, and without her knowing it, he helps you to enter the School of Art to develop their qualities.

TOP 18:
Billy Elliot
This is a British musical that came to the screens in 2000. Billy is an 11-year-old boy who lives in a mining city in the North East of England, with his father, his older brother and his grandmother. His mother passed away. Both his father and his brother are miners, like everyone in town. He is still young and goes to school. Then he does boxing courses. His father accompanies him and encourages him, believing that he can be an elite athlete who will take them out of misery. But Billy prefers dancing. And, hidden, go to dance class instead of boxing. His teacher believes in him and gets him a scholarship in London, despite his father's anger and disappointment.

TOP 19:
Chicago is a 2002 musical movie . In the 20s, the killers Roxie Hart (who killed her lover) and Velma Kelly (who killed her husband and sister) are willing to do anything, Velma to avoid capital punishment, the other also to escape this grief and to be famous. Aided by a well-known and brilliant lawyer, Billy Flinn, the two will fight each other to achieve their purpose. They discover that in Chicago, even the popularity of the murders is temporary.

TOP 20:
This is an American musical comedy made in 2011, remake of a previous 1984. Ren leaves Boston to go to a small town in the south, Bomont. Born dancer, he meets the moral prejudices of the community and his reverend, the moralist of the place ... But Ren falls in love with the daughter of the reverend, and the other young people agree with him to show that the dance does not always It has to be related to lack of morals.

And this is our selection of the best musicals in history . We hope it convinces you. Whether yes or no, why don't you leave your comment? Anyway, we recommend the soundtracks , as well as the movies, that will make you have a good time. And if you also like Disney songs , here you have the best Disney musicals .