The 5 best carnivals in the world

The 5 best carnivals in the world
Carnivals are a party that is celebrated in most countries around the world, although it is true that there are some cities where Carnivals join millions of people every year, being the best considered worldwide. Today I count what are the 5 best you have to live at least once in your life.

First, of course, there are the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, known throughout the world and considered the best.
During the carnival week, millions of tourists travel only to see the parade of the famous floats to the rhythm of the samba.
The parades that parade through the sambadrome are prepared by the best samba schools in Rio.

And if we move to Europe, without a doubt the best option is the carnivals of Venice, a party very different from that of Rio de Janeiro where the theme is the period costumes, the masks that do not let you see who you are, that is, a tradition that persists since the Middle Ages and shows another very different concept.

In third place we find the carnivals of Barranquilla, which are also considered a World Heritage Site. It is also another concept of carnival, which is based on a traditional festival, Catholic as well as pagan. Without a doubt, the best carnivals in all of Colombia.

In Spain, the carnivals that stand out above the others are those of Gran Canaria. They follow a similar trend to those of Rio de Janeiro but on a smaller scale.

And if we move to the United States, there's Mardi Gras, the carnival party in New Orleans. The carnival in this state also goes back a few centuries ago, recalling festivals of yesteryear to the beat of music, color and costumes.