The 10 most expensive restaurants in the world

The 10 most expensive restaurants in the world
Are you one of those who like to travel and also don't skimp on expenses? Do you love trying the best cuisine in each country and can you afford it? Today I tell you which are the best restaurants in the world according to the list that The Daily Meal has prepared. Restaurants that very few lucky people can pamper to try once.

The first place is occupied by a Japanese, Kitcho. The restaurant is in Japan and its cuisine is run by the well-known chef Kunio Tokuoka, a true genius of Japanese cuisine. Enjoy a great meal in this restaurant will cost you at least € 450.

If we move to Paris, we find the restaurant Le Meurice. The menu offered for dinner exceeds € 380.

Thirdly we find a restaurant in New York with three Michelin stars, Masa. The cuisine is managed by the Japanese chef Masa takayama and its tasting menu exceeds € 300.

Once again, a Parisian restaurant is repeated on the list, the Maison Pic which also has three Michelin stars. Its tasting menu exceeds € 300.

In fifth position is Aragawa, a restaurant in Tokyo for which you will pay per person at least € 270.

And if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, the Ithaa restaurant in the Maldives is one of the best options that very few can afford. The differentiation of this magnificent restaurant is the brand that is five meters below the sea, with windows that allows you to see the marine nature while enjoying your meal for a price not less than € 90 per person.

Again in Europe we reach Switzerland. Hotel de Ville's restaurant has three Michelin stars. The price per person is approximately € 200.

The eighth place is for an option in London, the Alain Ducasee at The Dorchester, which also has three Michelin stars. Its tasting menu can cost you around € 200, obviously not including the drink.

Japan repeats this list with another of its best restaurants, Michel Bras Toya, a restaurant that stands out for its location, offering privileged views of Lake Toya. It offers menus with different prices.

Finally, another Swiss restaurant closes this list, in this case the Schloss Schauenstein, located in a Swiss castle of the 12th century. Your tasting menu can cost you around € 200.