The best Lg televisions

Which Lg television to buy? If you are looking for new Lg televisions, we present you the best televisions that you will find in the market that adapt to your needs and budget.

LG - LG 65B9

LG 65B9

65B9 TV: LG's most affordable Oled TV

The LG B9 is simply the most affordable Oled TV from the Korean manufacturer in the 2019/2020 range and it is now very affordable. Let's see if it compares with the LG C9 and E9 ...



LG - LG 65C9

LG 65C9

LG 65C9 television: the Oled improves further

For its Oled 2019 televisions, LG uses the excellent base of 2018 while bringing some interesting refinements, such as a more efficient processor and HDMI 2.1. Everything to make LG's 2019 Oled a benchmark again this year.



LG - LG 55B8

LG 55B8

LG 55B8: Korean's Most Affordable 4K Oled TV in 2018

The most affordable TV in the Oled 4K range of 2018, the LG 55B8 is distinguished from the C8 by its ultimately more sober design and also by its α7 processor supposed to be less efficient than the α9 of other Oled models in the 8 series. that this Oled television set, sold for less than € 2,000 when it comes out, has in store for us.



LG - LG 55C8

LG 55C8

LG 55C8V television: the new Oled reference

A pioneer in Oled technology, LG was knocked out last year with the arrival of Oled consumer televisions from Panasonic and Philips which offered better image processing. Stung to the heart, the Korean manufacturer has reviewed its copy and finally focuses on image processing.



LG - LG 65B7V

LG 65B7V

LG 65B7V: an Oled 65 "TV with excellent picture quality

Cousin of the LG 65C7V, the LG 65B7V television differs only by its foot in an arc. This model being the most affordable of the Oled range from the manufacturer LG, we still wanted to be able to place our probe there to confirm the results obtained on the 55C7V. It is now done.