LG - LG 55B9


55B9 TV: LG's most affordable Oled TV

Aprox. 1144€

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Positive points

Image quality.

Excellent colorimetry in HDR Cinema mode.

Faithful HDR processing.

Infinite contrast.

Viewing angles.

Responsiveness of Oled technology.

Excellent delay on display.

HDMI 2.1 compatibility (VRR, ALLM, eARC).

G-Sync compatibility.

Consumption down compared to B8.

Bad points

Non-backlit remote control.

Brightness peak in HDR mode lower than other Oled models and better LCDs.

Our review


Even if it is the cheapest of the Oled LG televisions of 2019/2020, the LG 55B9 - 55 inch version of the LG 65B9 that we tested - is an excellent Ultra HD model, in line with the other Oled models offered by the manufacturer. The LG 55B9 is suitable for watching movies as well as playing video games or watching TV. The transition to the LG C9 will only be of interest to lovers of beautiful images who seek perfection. For everyone else, the LG 55B9 turns out to be excellent value for money in the Oled TV market.