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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless: a successful first pair of wirefree ultras

Aprox. 186€ - see price -

Like many manufacturers before him, Sennheiser is giving way to wireless intras with Momentum True Wireless (launch price: € 299). This high-end model promises sound performance, intuitive use and comfort. Here is his test ...

Our review


Momentum True Wireless ranks among the very best in its class in terms of sound performance, alongside the WF-1000X.

They deliver a very good listening experience and stand out above all by a very wide and balanced frequency response. Although there is a slight signature in W (accentuation of the extreme bass, midrange around 2 kHz and treble around 8 kHz), respect for timbre is assured, no frequency band takes precedence over another (no masking effect disturbing the legibility of the sound scene ). Each element of the sound scene finds its place and is easily identifiable. Although we have already seen more reactive chouia membranes (on the WF-1000X), the precision is also there, from the lowest frequencies to the treble.

Measurement of membrane reactivity: square waves at 50 Hz (left) and 500 Hz (right).

Momentum True Wireless distills deep and punchy bass with a marked seat. The slight overweight at around 1.5 to 2 kHz subtly boosts the feeling of presence on the voice, guitar, piano or even the snare drum (more attack, more slamming sound). In this context, the intelligibility of the voice is perfectly guaranteed, in all circumstances. The quality of the soundstage reproduction is also to be emphasized here for intras of this type. The stereo is particularly wide and we easily discriminate the different layers of the sound scene (room effects and other subtle effects are clearly reproduced).

But like their main competitors, these intras narrowly miss the fifth star. In question here, a flickering effect and an imprecision of a hair too pronounced in the treble. This is noticeable on the harmonics of certain sources, notably the cymbals (they have a slightly "brittle" appearance) and more discreetly on the sibilants ("sss" sounds). The source of this phenomenon is a small distortion peak around 5 to 6 kHz, which is certainly not very high (no aggressiveness, no accelerated hearing fatigue), but which still spoils the perfect appreciation of this zone. Unfortunately, the app's EQ doesn't help here.



For a first, Sennheiser signs a great success with its Momentum True Wireless. The balance sheet is certainly not perfect (slight imprecision in the treble, controls that would benefit from being more intuitive, multipoint absent, microphone sensitive to wind), but they are among the best in their category in sound reproduction. They also shine with a robust wireless connection and the feeling of comfort they provide. That said, with its launch price (€ 299), this newcomer will have some difficulty finding a place in the face of stiff competition.