Best S. J. Suryah movies

Best S. J. Suryah movies
We present our ranking of the best S. J. Suryah movies. Do you love cinema? Or are you looking for a movie of your favorite actor to watch tonight? Surely you have some to see or that you did not know yet about S. J. Suryah.

TOP 5:


Original Title: ஸ்பைடர்
S. J. Suryah as: Sudalai
Genre: Action, Thriller
Release: 2017
A surveillance expert who wants to help people comes across a foe who is the very definition of evil. Can he stop the man before he destroys everything?

TOP 4:


Original Title: வாரிசு
S. J. Suryah as: Adithya Mittal (Special Appearance)
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release: 2023
Vijay, The prodigal son of business tycoon Rajendran agrees to take over the reins of the business, much to the chagrin of his brothers. But can Vijay prove himself to be a worthy varisu and also reunite his now-broken family?
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TOP 3:


Original Title: நண்பன்
S. J. Suryah as: Panchavan Pariventhan
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release: 2012
The plot of the film illustrates the embankment of two friends on a quest for a lost buddy, who was once an optimistic and successful student. On their journey, they recount their college life and special moments that the three shared up until their lost friend secretly parted ways after convocation. During their quest, the two encounter a rival classmate who once made a long forgotten bet with them, a funeral that goes impossibly out of control, and a wedding they must crash.
Did you know that this movie is also one of best Manobala movies?

TOP 2:


Original Title: இறைவி
S. J. Suryah as: Arul
Genre: Crime, Drama, Family, Romance
Release: 2016
Three men try to overcome the problems in their lives not realising the impact their efforts are having on the women in their lives.

TOP 1:


Original Title: மெர்சல்
S. J. Suryah as: Daniel Arockiaraj
Genre: Thriller, Action
Release: 2017
A few individuals in the medical profession are murdered or kidnapped, and the cop investigating the case suspects a doctor and arrests him. But is he the one who is behind these crimes? And why are they being committed?

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