Best Lisa Millett movies

Best Lisa Millett movies
If you love cinema, you will share this ranking of the best Lisa Millett movies, although you may have ordered them differently. In any case, we hope you love it and with a little luck discovering a movie that you still don't know about Lisa Millett.

TOP 5:

Kelly + Victor

Kelly + Victor
Lisa Millett as: Lizzie
Genre: Romance, Drama
Release: 2012
When Kelly meets Victor on the dance floor of a Liverpool nightclub, the attraction is instant. After wandering through the night they find themselves at her flat, making love with a passion and urgency that neither had experienced before. Both Kelly and Victor are struggling to get by as best they can, while the people around them are choosing illegal lifestyles; she is escaping a brutish former lover, while he is being dragged into a world of drugs. It's when they make love that their darker instincts take over.

TOP 4:

Under the Skin

Under the Skin
Lisa Millett as: Sylvia
Genre: Drama
Release: 1997
Although married and pregnant Rose has always been mother's favorite, it is younger sister Iris whose life is shaken up by mother's death. Suffocating, Iris spirals out of control and copes by losing herself in sexual oblivion.

TOP 3:


Lisa Millett as: Cashier
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family
Release: 2004
Two boys, still grieving the death of their mother, find themselves the unwitting benefactors of a bag of bank robbery loot in the week before the United Kingdom switches its official currency to the Euro. What's a kid to do?
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TOP 2:

Robin Hood

Robin Hood
Lisa Millett as: Walter's Cook
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Release: 2010
When soldier Robin happens upon the dying Robert of Loxley, he promises to return the man's sword to his family in Nottingham. There, he assumes Robert's identity; romances his widow, Marion; and draws the ire of the town's sheriff and King John's henchman, Godfrey.
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TOP 1:


Lisa Millett as: Jemima Bamford
Genre: History, Drama
Release: 2018
An epic portrayal of the events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter鈥檚 Field in Manchester turned into one of the bloodiest and most notorious episodes in British history. The massacre saw British government forces charge into a crowd of over 60,000 that had gathered to demand political reforms and protest against rising levels of poverty.
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