Panasonic - Panasonic TX-65FZ800


Panasonic TX-65FZ800: an excellent Oled TV

Aprox. 1689€

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Positive points

Image quality.

Excellent colorimetry.

Infinite contrast.

High-performance Studio Color HCX2 processor (scaling, motion compensation).

Open viewing angles.

Bad points

My Screen Home operating system a bit outdated.

Basic remote control, without microphone or backlight.

Our review


This is practically a no-fault for the Panasonic Oled FZ800 TV - 65 inch version of the Panasonic 55FZ800 that we tested. It delivers a perfect image, whether in SDR, HDR or even for gaming. However, if the display quality is perfect, Panasonic begins to lag behind other points that make the difference compared to the best Oled televisions, like the operating system, too limited, or the remote control, much too basic and without microphone.