LG - LG 49SM8200


Nanocell 49SM8200 TV: LG isn't just about the Oled

Aprox. 499€

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The LG 49SM8200 is the most affordable TV in the Nanocell range from the Korean manufacturer. It uses a quantum dot filter to improve energy efficiency and coverage of the color spectrum ... at least in theory.

Positive points

User-friendly and responsive webOS system.

Very fast start-up time.

Interesting brightness peak for use in a bright room.

Reduced display delay.

Bad points

Disappointing viewing angles for an IPS TV.

Limited contrast.

Our review


The LG 49SM8200 - 49 inch (124 cm) version of the LG 55SM8200 that we tested - is a good TV, nothing more. It does everything fairly well, but does not excel in any area, with the exception of the low display delay which allows for excellent responsiveness in video games. Note all the same the presence of the webOS system, still as fluid and pleasant to use.