The most useful Windows keyboard shortcuts

The most useful Windows keyboard shortcuts
Windows offers us resources to make everyday tasks less tedious. One of these resources are keyboard shortcuts, key combinations to perform action quickly and easily. We will collect the most useful. Surely you already know most, but we will discover some that you will not know how you could live without knowing them.

TOP 1:

Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V / Ctrl + X

Typical commands to copy (Control + C), paste (Control + P) and cut (Control + X) both text and files. Incredibly useful for not having to execute these actions with the right mouse button.

TOP 2:

Ctrl + Z: Undo

Undo any action (written text, file deleted, folder moved file ...) quickly. Just press the Control + Z combination and everything will return to a previous state.

TOP 3:

WIN + D: Show desktop

Show the desktop from anywhere. Very useful to hide all open windows at once to access files and programs that you have on your PC desktop.

TOP 4:

Ctrl + Alt + Esc: Task Manager

Useful way to access the task manager for when a program crashes or does not let us close it in the usual way. It is also known as Ctrl + Alt + Delete because it is the way you had to access from Windows XP, but in versions higher than Vista, pressing the Esc key instead of the Supr prevents us from having to press "Task Manager "in the menu that opens to us.

TOP 5:

Alt + Tab: Change window

Essential command to change window / application quickly without having to use the taskbar. Hold down the Alt key and press the tab button as many times as necessary to reach the application you wish to recover.

TOP 6:

Alt + F4: Close an application

Alternative to the close button of the application. A quick way to close it, and very useful with applications and games that do not have the usual Windows close button. And calm down, it does not force the closing of the application (like the task manager), and if you have any modified document, it will ask you if you want to save it (for example, Word).

TOP 7:

WIN + F: Search

Useful command to search for a document on the computer. This shortcut will open a window to search your computer to indicate what you are looking for.

TOP 8:

WIN + L: Block session

You leave the computer for a while and you don't want anyone to gossip what you do, then log out using the Windows and L keys. When you want to reopen it, it will ask you for the password if your user has.

TOP 9:

ImpPnt: Print Screen

Useful command to make a screenshot of the screen visible on the computer. The image is saved in the clipboard, so you just have to paste it into a word or paint document to save it. This key can also be combined with the Alt button to capture a window / application that is active instead of the entire screen.

TOP 10:

F2: Rename a file

In any sale of the Windows explorer you can use the F2 key to rename a file, document or folder. Much faster than using the mouse.

These are the most used and most useful commands for Windows. Surely when you discover them, you can not stop using them. And if you are a regular Word user, we recommend that you read the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Word .