The best Canon printers

Which Canon printer to buy? If you are looking for new Canon printers, we present you the best printers that you will find in the market that adapt to your needs and budget.

Canon - Canon Pixma TS9150

Canon Pixma TS9150

Canon Pixma TS9150: the 3-in-1 inkjet printer that plays it premium

The Pixma TS9150 represents the top of the basket when it comes to photo-oriented multifunction inkjet printers from Canon. And who says high-end says expensive: its recommended retail price is € 259. A very significant additional cost compared to the excellent TS8150 or TS8050, which are also loaded with functions and which can be found quite easily for around a hundred euros in trade . So, is the TS9150 worth its price? This is what we will see.



Canon - Canon Pixma TS6150

Canon Pixma TS6150

Canon Pixma TS6150: the 3-in-1 inkjet printer that confirms its excellence

After having completely renewed its range of Pixma inkjet printers last year, Canon only a few months ago updated its models with very few changes. The Pixma TS6150 is therefore an almost exact copy of the TS6050; the only modification concerns the set of cartridges used, which has an impact - minimal - on colorimetry and cost per page. Consequently, certain parts of this test will be abbreviated; we invite you to consult the complete test of the TS6050 for more details on these points.



Canon - Canon Zoemini

Canon Zoemini

Canon Zoemini: a good pocket photo printer

If Canon has quality printers on the traditional 10 x 15 cm format (Selphy CP1200), the Japanese manufacturer was previously absent from the portable photo market. He arrives with the Zoemini, a fun model whose design exudes seriousness.