What you need to know about chocolate

What you need to know about chocolate
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Those of us who are potential chocolate eaters normally assume one of these two attitudes: either we avoid eating it "sacrificing" our desire, or we fall into temptation, we eat chocolate, and then we feel guilty. In " what you need to know about chocolate " we give a few reasons to eat chocolate at ease and without regrets.

TOP 1:

Dark chocolate

According to studies, it turns out that dark chocolate is the best for health. And this is because it is the one that contains the least amount of fat and sugar, if we compare it with milk chocolate or white chocolate . Of course, it is more bitter, but "chocolatiers" is the one we like the most.

TOP 2:

Dark chocolate is rich in minerals

Eating dark chocolate gives us a lot of minerals , such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, and also some vitamins of group B, related to metabolism and the nervous system.

TOP 3:

Chocolate is good for the mood

Indeed, it is, because it contains magnesium, a mineral known for its relaxing effects and very important for the transmission of nerve impulses through the brain. It also has other properties that make it a natural antidepressant . Proof of this would be that its consumption increases in winter, in cold places, and in those where the days last less hours.

TOP 4:

Chocolate prevents hypertension

Thanks to its richness in flavonoids, it helps fight hypertension. Some studies show that dark chocolate would lower blood pressure and help keep it stable.

TOP 5:

Chocolate helps prevent cardiovascular disorders

Flavonoids, contained in cocoa and dark chocolate , have a beneficial role in the protection of cardiovascular diseases . They favor the lowering of the rate of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

TOP 6:

Chocolate helps fight wrinkles

The famous flavonoids contribute to improve our health, and among them is catechin, well known for its antioxidant properties . Again, dark chocolate is more convenient, which brings together all the "magical" substances that we also find in red wine, as well as in numerous fruits and vegetables. Of course, we must not confuse it with the elixir of eternal youth ...

TOP 7:

Chocolate does not make you fat

Quality dark chocolate provides vitamins and traces morale. Eating some chocolate every day would prevent us from falling into the intake of other foods that are very high in calories. The advisable amount would be about 30 grams of 70% dark chocolate - at least - of cocoa, per day .

So far the benefits of chocolate . And if that were not enough: we like it! What else do we want? If after reading " What you need to know about chocolate " you do not eat it is because you do not like it, but you can no longer blame yourself or eat it secretly, because it is good for your health.