Typical phrases to end a relationship

Typical phrases to end a relationship
It would be very easy to end a relationship, just by leaving and saying nothing. Unfortunately, this idea and thought is nothing more than a CHIMERA, since your EX will ask for explanations.
In itself, it is already difficult to end a relationship, but it is much more difficult to explain it in words, about the reason for your decision. So what words do we choose?

The issue is very complicated, since you don't feel more love for that person, but we do feel respect and we are obliged to explain what is happening to us.

The phrases that we women choose to say goodbye to your ex, are so used that they are repeated again and again throughout the world. Now, I'm going to mention all the phrases that we usually use to say "WE'RE FINISHED".

I need to focus on my studies or work.

You merit something better than me.

It's not you, it's Me.

I need time to sort my ideas.

I'm confused, I don't know what I want.

I am not ready for the next step.

Maybe it's better to be friends.

I can't take care of myself, less I can take care of a relationship ... I'm sorry.

I need my own space.

We want different things ... understand it.

It is not the perfect time to be in a couple but ...

Maybe later it can work.

It hurts more than you, but ...

It was amazing to meet you, but ...

I say it again, it is difficult to end a relationship, but let's be more creative or sincere and stop repeating these phrases.
Tell me which of these phrases have you used?