The most curious folk festivals

The most curious folk festivals
People have the ability to imagine very strange things to celebrate parties , and organize competitions, careers, etc ... with curious objectives and in the most extravagant ways. We collect the most curious folk festivals that are celebrated around the world, some of them already being a tradition of the place, and even spreading to other places.

TOP 1:

The rolling cheese festival

This is a race that is held every year on Cooper Hill, in Gloucester, England. It consists of throwing a cheese of about four kilos of weight from the top of the hill. The competitors are running for him, rolling, slipping, whatever, to get the cheese or be the one who comes closest to him before the goal. The prize: the same cheese!

TOP 2:

Wife Carrying Race - Finland

What better proof of love - on the part of the husband or the wife - than competing by running on an obstacle course holding each other around his head! The goal is to do it in the shortest possible time. This sport, now more widespread, was first introduced in Sonkajärvi (Finland).

TOP 3:

Body Painting Festival - Austria

It is a festival in which authentic works of art painted on a curious canvas are exhibited: the human body. Over time, it has been spreading to other countries.

TOP 4:

Boryeong festival in the mud - South Korea

The Festival lasts 9 days, in which the most important thing is mud. The origin comes from the fact that, in 1998, a local cosmetics company began manufacturing products with mud, which is highly appreciated for the amount of minerals it contains. They must be disgusted but with enviable skin!

TOP 5:

La Tomatina Festival - Buñol (Spain)

On the day of the Tomatina festival , in Buñol there is no more color than red. Do not go dressed in your best clothes, as it will be smeared, wet, full of tomato , since the party consists of throwing tomatoes, with subsequent slips, falls, pushes, jokes, etc ...

TOP 6:

Monkey Festival - Thailand

The video explains everything. The monkeys are the most benefited: they get like the quico!

TOP 7:

International Bird Men Competition - Bognor (England)

This is an annual competition that takes place in the month of July in Bognor (England), in which the contestants themselves manufacture their flying artifacts and launch from a platform. It is cause for a lot of laughs, and wins, of course, who goes further.

TOP 8:

International Pillow Fight Day

It is a curious and original party that is increasingly spreading in more cities around the world. He has no other objective than to have fun, without being able to hit anything but the pillow or attack anyone who does not have one.

We have collected the strangest folk traditions that are celebrated in the world on the occasion of festivities or simply for the fun, which is what it is about! What people don't imagine ...