The best sports to lose weight

The best sports to lose weight
To lose weight , it is clear that you have to diet and, worse, exercise! And put to do it, we propose those sports that will make you burn more calories faster. Of course, we are not responsible for any side effects they may cause (at least: laces). Like so many things in this life, one must know how to measure one's chances and not overdo it.

TOP 1:


Well, rowing . By making you lose almost 1000 calories per hour, rowing is the most effective sport to eliminate weight, develop back muscles (dorsal, lumbar, trapezius, shoulders), biceps and abs. If you live far from a place to practice outdoors, there are devices that perfectly simulate exercise.

TOP 2:


An hour of squash equals 900 calories less. The whole body works in this sport. The squash exercises your resistance and tests the best deodorant ...

TOP 3:

Jump rope

It is not about jumping on the rope of your sister or your niece, but about doing it as boxers do. An hour burns between 800 and 900 calories. In addition, the ankles, legs, and buttocks are reinforced.

TOP 4:


Okay, it's violent, and dental protections, helmet and gloves don't favor, but for 700 calories less in an hour of boxing you can make an effort ...

TOP 5:


Every hour swimming means between 500 and 600 calories less. In addition, swimming is the sport that best develops the muscles and faster . Or have you never noticed how well a swimmer is, or the mermaid's body of a swimmer?

TOP 6:

Beach volleyball

An hour of beach volleyball allows you to eliminate about 500 calories. And if you also form a mixed team, you can enjoy boys in swimsuits or beautiful bikini athletes. It's a two in one!

TOP 7:

Alpine ski

If you can make holidays in the snow season, what better way to dedicate them to downhill tracks, at a rate of 500 calories per hour. But, hey, we talk about alpine skiing : what is not worth it is the sledding or the snowball battle ...

TOP 8:


It is a safe value: 400 calories for one hour of bike ride. It is THE sport to have the best thighs and the most turned calves.

TOP 9:


Both in winter and in summer, indoors or outdoors, tennis is one of the most "chic" sports. They lose between 400 and 500 calories per hour. Ideal for those who do not want to do sports alone or those who want to take advantage of the moment to make friends.

TOP 10:


The classic: jogging . For an hour of running, almost 400 calories less. A good reason to rescue the sneakers from the closet and get going. What are you waiting for?

We have ordered from highest to lowest number of calories / hour that can be lost with each of the best sports to lose weight . Everyone who chooses the one they want, but yes, with the proper precautions that some of us are very raw and we hit ourselves without being prepared, and then what happens happens. A review and, to warm up ...