The best Korean rappers

The best Korean rappers
List of Korean rappers, whether they are part of a group, duo or soloists, choose your favorite !! * I will be adding, since I did not put them all * I accept suggestions

TOP 29:
MC Sniper
Senior in the Korean rap industry, master of several current rappers. He has participated as judge and member of the "Show My The Money" program

TOP 28:
Yang Dong Geun (YDG)
Born in 1979, YDG is one of the most experienced rappers actor, singer, rapper, composer, record producer, breakdance dancer. Within his genre he is one of the most respected by the juniors, he has dedicated himself to acting appearing in productions such as The Three Musketeers and Love 911.

TOP 27:
Considered one of the best producers in Korea. He has composed for VIXX, Sam E, Ailee, G.NA.

TOP 26:
Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)
member of the hip-hop / R&D duo, Dynamic Duo, Gaeko not only has rap skills, but also vocal, being one of the most complete artists

TOP 25:
The fastest rapper in the world, has the Record Guiness, with 17 syllables per second very precisely, and even up to 24 being his maximum of 32. He was a disciple of MC Sniper, who helped him to become recognized.

TOP 24:
Rapper, composer and producer, owns his own agency, has produced complete albums for Epik High and Dynamic Duo. You can also tell a lot of collaborations with different artists

TOP 23:
Verbal Jint
Rapper, composer and producer, Kim Jin Tae better known as Verbal Jint, is the creator of the royal rhyming schemes in Korea and his method is now the standard for rapping in Korea within the hip hop scene. Considered revolutionaries in the Korean entertainment industry, rapidly changing Korea's construction of hip hop and therefore its style and lyrical qualities.

TOP 22:
Kidoh (ToppDogg)
Not only does he rap, but he can sing very well, producer and composer, so he was the first of his group to be a soloist. Initially I was part of the BTS group, but then debuted in Topp Dogg.

TOP 21:
Simon D
Former member of the Supreme Team group, co-CEO of the AOMG agency (created by Jay Park), is one of the most recognized rappers, in fact he has a lot of collaboration, because many artists ask for his presence in his albums.

TOP 20:
One of the mentors / producers of "Show Me The Money", "Unpretty RapStar", "" NO.MERCY "and" Mix & Match. "One of the most famous rapper in the middle.

TOP 19:
He won the first edition of the "Show Me The Money" program in 2012, belongs to the AOMG agency, same as Jay Park, Simon D, Gray. Known for his imposing rap style, he is already considered a Senior rapper despite his being born in '89.

TOP 18:
Tiger JK
The greatest exponent of this genre in Korea, already being a legend within the industry and the most veteran. Married to the rapper T YoonMiRae, they form the MFBTY group, plus Bizzy.

TOP 17:
Park Kyung (Block B)
Member of Block B, he composed the first single that his group promoted, in addition to a collaboration with Verbal Jint, he is one of the most loved by the public.

TOP 16:
Born on March 25, '84, belonging to the Starship Entertainment agency, one of the most beloved and recognized rappers, with his shy way of being a participant in the "Show Me The Money 2" program, although he did not win, he became very popular after his departure.

TOP 15:

Jun Hyung (BEAST)

born '89 Joker is the main rapper of the kpop group "Beast / B2st", has composed and produced several of the group's successes, has made several collaborations with hip-hop seniors such as: Verbal Jint, Outsider. being praised for these.

TOP 14:

PO (Block B)

Maknae of the Block B group and its sub-unit BASTARZ, owner of one of the most serious voices in the industry and one of the best according to experts, within the rappers who belong to kpop groups.

TOP 13:

Ravi (VIXX)

Main rapper of the kpop group VIXX, debuted with his group in 2012, after being chosen among 10 participants of the reality show "MyIdol". He has very good improvisation skills.

TOP 12:

Zelo (BAP)

The Maknae of the BAP group, very good doing beatbox and is one of the fastest since it can say 16 syllables per second.

TOP 11:


Leader of the IKON group, being very young, it was already attracting attention because of its resemblance to G-DRAGON, over the years it has been unmarked. Composes and produces most of the songs of IKON.

TOP 10:

Park Chan Yeol (EXO)

EXO and EXO-K's main rapper, known for his low voice and who can also vocalize very well, in addition to improvisation. It makes Beatbox.

TOP 9:


Member of the R & B / Hip Hop group Epik High, one of the best-known Korean rappers already being a senior, appears in several videos in collaboration with other artists. In fact he likes to help new artists.

TOP 8:

Bobby (IKON)

Known before being part of IKON for having won the third season of Show me the money, he is one of the youngest and very talented in improvisation, along with BI are the composers and lyricists of most of the songs of IKON .

TOP 7:

Bang Yong Guk (BAP)

BAP group leader, rapper, composer and producer. Underground rapper like TOP, SUGA, Kidoh, Rap Monster and Mino. Unique rap style, which has led him to position himself as one of the most recognized of the kpop.

TOP 6:

Mino (Winner)

an ineffable talent, his rap skills are very advanced although he debuted with his group in 2014 (although he had previous experience), one of his greatest talents is the beatbox. He won second place in the last edition of the show "Show Me The Money 4"

TOP 5:

Zico (Block B)

Leader of the group of kpop Block B, he is one of the most talented young rappers in the industry, very good composer, as well as unique style when dressing extravagant outfits.

TOP 4:


member of BigBang and his sub-unit GD & TOP, also a soloist, known for his low voice. Composer of several of the group songs.

TOP 3:

Rap Monster (BTS)

Leader of the BTS group, born in '94, composer and producer of several of his group's songs, along with his fellow SUGA and J-Hope. He was an underground rapper where he met Zico, and along with this he is considered one of the best rappers internationally.

TOP 2:

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

BigBang group leader, belongs to 3 of its sub-units, is also a soloist. Composer and producer of several of the songs of his group and his solo. Internationally recognized as one of the best known Korean artists.

TOP 1:


He made his debut as a member of the BTS group in 2013, born in the year '93, has one of the most energetic and unique rap, in fact his style is very recognizable within the industry. Composer and producer of several of the group's songs with his teammates Rap Monster and J-hope.