The best humidifiers for babies

The best humidifiers for babies
Humidifiers are very functional devices that can help you keep your little one from constipating and breathing better. It is perfect to make children loose boogers when they are somewhat constipated. It is used for very dry environments, with the aim that the little ones can breathe better. But in any case, it is also not good to have it on all day, only on specific occasions such as during bath time.

One of the brands that I recommend to buy humidifiers is Chicco, a children's brand that never fails and offers a very good value for money. The two models that you can see in the image above are from the Chicco brand.

The one on the left is the Chicco humidifier honor. It offers not only cold steam, but also the purification of the environment. It works connected to the light but consumes very little. It offers a range of up to 8 hours.

The model on the right, also from Chicco, corresponds to the Comfort Neb Plus Chicco Cold Humidifier. It offers the same as the interior for a similar price of around € 90.

Another very interesting is the BU1500 of Bionaire. It is a medium humidifier, which works by ultrasound and also offers a child design that blends perfectly with the decoration of the children's room.

Another model is the BU1300. It is perfect for small rooms. It offers the same benefits as the previous one, being of the same brand Bionaire.

The square model also of Chicco: in this case it is the Humi Cube. An attractive design, following Chico's line, with all the features you need to humidify the child's room.