Non-existent professions, which will be the jobs of the future

Non-existent professions, which will be the jobs of the future
The important thing is to study and work on what you like, regardless of the economic, but I can not deny that there are certain professions that ensure a good working salary.
In the university different professions are taught for all types of people. Some professions are more popular than others and having many professions in the same labor market, salaries begin to fall. On the other hand, less popular professions tend to be more economically profitable.
But if we continue talking about professions, we will discover that from time to time a new career is born that adjusts to current needs. If technology advances, professionals in the same way and professions of the future will be even more profitable in the current ones in the labor market.
Today I would like to show you a list with all the professions that do not yet exist, but they will be the jobs of the future. According to futurist Thomas Frey, our children could be studying in the following professions.

TOP 1:

Transitionists ('Transitionists')

They are specialists who will help culminate the transition to a totally digital era for humanity as a whole.

TOP 2:

Expansionists ('Expansionists')

These are specialists who will be dedicated to the adaptation of humanity to a new environment.

TOP 3:

Maximizers ('Maximizers')

They are professionals capable of building processes, situations and opportunities.

TOP 4:

Optimizers ('Optimizers')

These are professionals with persistence and prepared to adjust the variable data to obtain better results.

TOP 5:

Inflectionists ('Inflectionists')

They are specialists capable of finding the turning point in a system. Futurists predict that this ability will be highly valued.

TOP 6:

Specialists in disassembly ('Dismantlers')

Since the development of each industry has an end, specialists capable of liquidating production will be needed.

TOP 7:

Counterattacks ('Backlashers')

Each new technology has adversaries, so it will take people who can respond to the negative adequately.

TOP 8:

Specialists 'last milers'

Companies usually reduce yields to better satisfy the end user. Therefore, experts capable of managing this process will be necessary.

TOP 9:

Contextualists ('Contexualists')

Between an innovative idea and its real accomplishment there is always a great routine work. Contextualists will participate in the process of applying the final product.

TOP 10:

Ethics experts ('Ethicists')

With the passage of time only the need for specialists who can solve complex moral issues will increase. Taking into account the growing impact of technology on people's lives, these specialists will be highly demanded.

Which of all would you like to study?