The best musical performances of the Oscars

The best musical performances of the Oscars
The formal act, in which the awards are presented, is one of the most prominent and prestigious ceremonies in the world, and is broadcast live annually to more than one hundred countries. It is also the oldest awards ceremony in the media, and its equivalents: the Grammy started in 1959 (in music), the Emmy started in 1949 (on television) and the Tony started in 1947 (in the theater) They have followed the model of the Academy. In these ceremonies there have also been great musical performances, vote for what you think is the best and greetings

TOP 17:
Karen O and Ezra Koenig-Moon Song (Her)

TOP 16:
Jack Black and Will Ferrell-Get Off the Stage

TOP 15:

U2-Ordinary Love (Mandela: long walk for freedom)

TOP 14:

Ar Rahman-Slumdog Millionare (Who wants to be a millionaire?)

TOP 13:

Amy Adams-Happy Working Song (Delighted)

TOP 12:

Beyoncé (All songs nominated for Best Original Song)

TOP 11:

Pharrell Williams-Happy (My Favorite Villain 2)

TOP 10:

Pink-Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz)

TOP 9:

Catherine Zeta-Jones-Chicago (Chicago)

TOP 8:

Michael Jackson-Ben (Ben)

TOP 7:

Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway

TOP 6:

Madonna-Sooner or Later (Dick Tracy)

TOP 5:

Beyoncé and Hugh Jacman

TOP 4:

Les Miserables Casting

TOP 3:

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey-When you believe (The Prince of Egypt)

TOP 2:

Adele- Skyfall (Skyfall)

TOP 1:

Celine Dion-My heart will go on (Titanic)