The best Martini ads

The best Martini ads
CLICK ON EACH ONE AND YOU WILL SEE THE VIDEO OF EACH AD, because who does not remember the mysterious "Martini man"? making that insinuating gesture, vote for the best ad !!

TOP 14:

Martini and the Beach

TOP 13:

Martini and the Skater

TOP 12:

Martini on the Disco

TOP 11:

Martini in the Greek Islands

TOP 10:

Martini on the Boat

TOP 9:

Martini and Clark Gable

TOP 8:

Chained Martini

TOP 7:

Martini and Art

TOP 6:

No Martini, No Party (II)

TOP 5:

Martini Oh Baby!

TOP 4:

No Martini, No Party (I)

TOP 3:

Martini and the Ring

TOP 2:

Martini and the Bull

TOP 1:

Martini and the Charlize Theron Mini Skirt