The best Romanian music divas

The best Romanian music divas
They are sensual, ambitious and have talent to give and share. A new wave of artists arrives from Romania ready to invade the dance floors and compete with the Anglo-Saxon divas. Britney, Gaga, Katy Perry and all the others ... start shaking! Will Romania be an important place of great divas by which they will be recognized throughout the planet?

TOP 10:

Andreea Banica

This sculptural blonde is a veteran of the dance that has been waging war since 1998. After having achieved remarkable success in his country as part of ensembles such as Exotic and Blondy, Andreea was released alone in 2005, and since then, thanks to songs such as Samba, Love in Brazil and Electrified and his provocative video clips, his music has managed to cross the borders of his country.

TOP 9:

Vika Jigulina

Vika Jigulina is the voice that accompanies the Romanian producer and musician Edward Maya on songs such as Stereo Love, the song that swept across Europe a couple of years ago and that became for number two weeks on list 40. His performance in The 40 Main Awards 2010 was one of the highlights of the gala.

TOP 8:

Andre Ola

At just 15 years old, Andreea-Oana Olariu was proclaimed winner of the song, the Italian Triumph Operation, and her first single, Erase you, became an instant hit in various European countries, including ours. Because of her age, some compare her to Justin Bieber, but her style is closer to that of artists like Kelly Rowland or Britney Spears.

TOP 7:


His voice and body have contributed to songs like I like (The trumpet), September or Love you, by DJ Sava, becoming regulars of international dance floors, and in the middle of last year he released a powerful single in his name , Out of your business, in which he was able to display his full potential.

TOP 6:

Ale blake

This girl is a regular contributor to Sasha Lopez, one of the DJs and producers of the moment, and many will remember her as the impressive brunette who sings and wiggles in the Weekend video clip, one of her songs. We would not be surprised if, shortly, he dared to try his luck alone.

TOP 5:

Elena Ionescu (Mandinga)

Mandinga is a Romanian ensemble led by the beautiful vocalist Elena Ionescu who has found in Latin music her main source of inspiration. They have been active since 2003, and this year they will represent their country in Eurovision with Zaleilah, a song mostly sung in Castilian that, much we fear, will end up becoming a hit in our country and Latin America.

TOP 4:

Elena Gheorge

Like her namesake Elena Ionescu, Elena Gheorghe was part of Mandinga for a while, but international fame came to her as a soloist, after her participation in the 2009 edition of Eurovision. Since then, singles like Disco Romancing, Midnight sun or Your captain tonight have earned him a large number of followers among the European audience.

TOP 3:


This singer and model has managed, in the hands of DJ Tom Boxer, a regular contributor to other artists such as Inna, to become one of the most prominent Romanian dance-pop figures. And what has been the secret of its success? Watch the video clip of his hit Morena and you will discover it.

TOP 2:

Alexandra Stan

Alexandra debuted in 2009 with her single Lollipop, but international success came last year with Mr. Saxobeat, who became number one of Forty Principals and who has managed to continue with songs such as Get Back (ASAP) or One MIllion , next to Carlprit.

TOP 1:


With more than two million copies sold of its two albums, Hot and I am the club rocker, Inna is one of the Romanian artists with greater international projection. In addition, songs such as Hot, Sun is up or Un momento have become, for three consecutive years, a fundamental part of the soundtrack of the Spanish summer.