The best pop punk bands

The best pop punk bands
Vote for the best bands of this genre, pop punk, which combines punk rock and pop.

TOP 20:
Cobra Starship

TOP 19:
American Hi-Fi

TOP 18:
Mayday Parade

TOP 17:
New Found Glory

TOP 16:
Tonight Alive

TOP 15:

Bowling for soup

TOP 14:


TOP 13:

The All American Rejects

TOP 12:

Good charlotte

TOP 11:

Panic! at the disco

TOP 10:

The offspring

TOP 9:

All Time Low

TOP 8:

Fall out Boy

TOP 7:

My Chemical Romance

TOP 6:


TOP 5:

Avril Lavigne

TOP 4:

Sum 41

TOP 3:

Simple Plan

TOP 2:


TOP 1:

green Day