The best British rock groups in history

The best British rock groups in history
In this list I expose what are in my opinion the 30 best British bands in history. Surely for many of you there are many that deserve to be and others that do not, but hey, these lists are like that.

TOP 31:
Bad company
If we were looking for a group in which they merge without melodic Blues and Hard Rock complexes, it would certainly be Bad Company.

TOP 30:
Uriah Heep
Hard Rock band that has come to be compared to Deep Purple, although it was totally overshadowed by the band of Gillan and Blackmore.

TOP 29:
Alice Cooper
One of the bands with one of the most charismatic leaders in history. Punk, Grunge or Glam Rock precursors.

TOP 28:
Together with Iron Maiden, Judas and Motorhead helped define the NWOBHM.

TOP 27:
If we talk about the Progressive Rock of the 80s, without a doubt Marillion would be the greatest exponent. Band that synthesized the influences of the most important Progressive Rock groups in history: Pink Floyd, YES or Genesis.

TOP 26:
Porcupine Tree
Progressive Metal Group strongly influenced by bands like King Crimson or Pink Floyd.

TOP 25:
First group of blues roots in which singer Paul Rodgers debuted.

TOP 24:
Another of the great symphonic rock bands that in the 70s enjoyed their moment of glory, a group that had a style similar to Pink Floyd but was totally eclipsed by the band of Barrett, Waters, Gilmour and company.

TOP 23:
King crimson
What would progressive-symphonic Rock be without these geniuses? Creators of the first progressive album in history.

TOP 22:
ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
Three authentic virtuosos that back in the 70s rubbed shoulders with big bands like Led Zeppelin, Yes or Pink Floyd.

TOP 21:
Jethro tull
Original band where they have been led by one of the most charismatic leaders in the history of Rock.

TOP 20:
Judas Priest
Band that since the 70s came defining what we know today as Heavy Metal.

TOP 19:
Precursor band of classic Heavy Metal and hard rock. Led by an authentic legend like Lemmy.

TOP 18:
And it is
Possibly one of the most virtuous groups in history. Essential exponents of Progressive Rock.

TOP 17:
First power trio that would set the stage for later mega groups like ELP or Rush.

TOP 16:
Def Leppard
Possibly without them there would be no radio melodic hard rock from groups like Bon Jovi or Europe.

TOP 15:

Sex pistols

Punk group that removed the foundations of Rock in the late 70s reacting against the dinosaurs of classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen ...)

TOP 14:

The crash

Many consider them the best Punk group in history.

TOP 13:


Creators of authentic masterpieces of Progressive and Symphonic Rock.

TOP 12:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Rock group formed at the end of the 60s by the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

TOP 11:


One of the most important groups of today. Without a doubt one of the ones that has reaped the most success in terms of alternative rock.

TOP 10:

Iron maiden

A band that together with Judas Priest collects everything that one can expect from good Heavy Metal.

TOP 9:

Black sabbath

Authentic inventors of Heavy Metal. The sound of this group was a great influence from Trash to Grunge.

TOP 8:

The who

Punk Rock precursors, creators of rock opera with Tommy and Stadium Rock. Authentic rock dinosaurs.

TOP 7:

Deep purple

Precursors of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Symphonic Rock. Authentic teachers who have influenced an endless number of groups.

TOP 6:

Rolling Stones

His satanic majesties is a group that will go down in history by influencing a huge number of bands.

TOP 5:

Led zeppelin

Main pioneer of Hard Rock with Deep Purple. Four unsurpassed geniuses who forever changed the future of Rock.

TOP 4:


Recently separated band that based its success on repeating formulas used by groups such as the Beatles or The Who.

TOP 3:

Pink floyd

Authentic psychedelic geniuses, inventors of Space Rock, precursors of progressive Rock and much, much more.

TOP 2:

What in

Bohemian Rhapsody, Innuendo, Somebody to love ... songs that have gone down in history. What to say about its components. Band of

TOP 1:

the Beatles

Like it or not, without them no big group would be the same. Possibly the most important group in history.