The best ballads of Cyndi Lauper

The best ballads of Cyndi Lauper
Cyndi Lauper is not just madness and fun. The girl who 'just wanted to have fun' also launched romantic myths such as 'True Colors' or 'Time After Time' on her day. He also released an album of versions, where he made a cover of the historic 'Unchained Melody'. Here are 10 of their best romantic ballads. Some better known than others, but all very beautiful and with that personal touch that Cyndi brings to all his songs.

TOP 10:

I had a love

I HAD A LOVE (I had a love) Before being known as Cyndi Lauper, she was part of the Blue Angel group. This song can be considered as the first ballad of the artist. It was the second single from the 1980 band Blue Angel for their 1980 Blue Angel album.

TOP 9:

Water's edge

WATER'S EDGE (Water's Edge) 'Water's Edge' is a beautiful ballad included in his albums Shine and The Body Acoustic. It was recorded in acoustic for the album 'The Body Acoustic' and soprano Sarah MacLachlan did the choirs.

TOP 8:

My First Night Without You

MY FIRST NIGHT WITHOUT YOU (It was the second single from Cyndi Lauper's third album, A Night to Remember in (1989). It is one of the most heartfelt songs of the artist and speaks of returning home for the first time after a sentimental break.

TOP 7:

The World Is Stone

THE WORLD IS STONE This is the English version of the French song "Le Monde est piedra" (1978). The Cyndi version was used in the soundtrack of the movie 'Typhoon'. It was a success in several countries (number 15 in the United Kingdom), but especially in France where it reached number 2.

TOP 6:

Heading West

HEADING WEST (Heading West) Heading West was the third single from Cyndi Lauper's A Night to Remember album. The song speaks of a sentimental break (which was the general theme of the album) and of taking the bags and leaving, aimlessly.

TOP 5:

Unchained Melody

UNCHAINED MELODY (Unchained Melody) Belongs to the album 'At Last', an album of classic versions. Cyndi Lauper was nominated in 2005 for the Grammy as "Best Vocal Performance" for her performance of the classic song of 'Ghost'

TOP 4:

Who Let In The Rain

WHO LET IN THE RAIN (Who let the rain in) It was a single from Cyndi Lauper released in 1993. It is a ballad about the end of a relationship and the song was very popular with fans.

TOP 3:

All Through The Night

ALL THROUGH THE THROUGH (Throughout the night) It's a pop ballad included in Cyndi Lauper's debut album. Unlike previous singles, he did not have a music video.

TOP 2:

True colors

TRUE COLORS (True Colors) 'True Colors' was the first single from Cyndi Lauper's second album. It is considered the ballad par excellence of the artist and her second most popular song. It reached # 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100, # 1 in Australia, and # 1 in the UK Singles Chart. Although it was not written with that intention, through the years "True Colors", it has become a 'hymn' of the gay community.

TOP 1:

Time After Time

TIME AFTER TIME (Time and Time Again) 'Time After Time' is a pop ballad, written by singer Cyndi Lauper and musician Rob Hyman, for Cyndi's solo debut studio album. It is considered one of his best works. and was nominated for the Grammy awards for "Song of the Year".