The best Cooler master mouses

Which Cooler master mouse to buy? If you are looking for new Cooler master mouses, we present you the best mouses that you will find in the market that adapt to your needs and budget.

Cooler Master  - Cooler Master MM530

Cooler Master MM530

Mouse Cooler Master MM530: speed and precision at full hand

In 2017, Cooler Master launched its MasterMouse series, composed of classic but well-designed mice. A year later, the manufacturer dares to use a slightly less conventional form, notably aimed at comfort in handling. If the MM520 recently tested is thus rather doomed to use in claw or fingertips, the MM530, it, is intended preferably for a palm grip, bringing in principle more relaxation. So let's see what our hand says.



Cooler Master  - Cooler Master MM520

Cooler Master MM520

Cooler Master MM520: a mouse that requires its handling

Introduced in 2017, the MasterMouse series by Cooler Master is enriched this year with two new mice with less consensual forms, the MM520 and MM530. The MM520 is particularly distinguished by its fairly wide design, designed to support the ring finger. A mouse intended for clawing and therefore well suited to real-time strategy games, according to the manufacturer. And it is better to know what to expect with this mouse.